What the Aliens really want…

What the Aliens really want…

The past few months I’ve been fielding inquires ftom my very diverse set of friends and writing on a topic of their choice.

I’m continuing that new tradition with today’s blog idea posed by a crazy friend of mine, who is sure Aliens are here on Earth, as in ET Aliens. I say Alan is crazy, but lovingly — because really; he thinks Aliens are here, and he’s crazy, so…here is the Alien question from a math point of view.

  1. WE (humans) know enough about physics, energy, space, and solar distances — to know that travel here would require technology far in advance of what we possess. This would still be true, even assuming a huge military industrial complex conspiracy, centering around a crashed spacecraft, and the resulting reverse engineering dark project — code named Majic — that has some Alien technology under wraps in secret bases, visited by Jack Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Those are the rumors! But the silliness of all this DOES help us sort out a lot actually.
  1. IF Aliens are here, some rules must, by definition, also exist. For instance, if an Alien race meant us harm, and has been here from before 1960 — with their given technology edge — we would be dead or conquered if that was an Alien goal. That answer has a corollary, as far as I can determine, humans face a great number of serious challenges to our well being as a species — from pollution to war — and every single one of them appears to me anyway, to be completely our own species fault.
  1. In other words, if Aliens have the technology to travel here, and they have, and they have chosen not to destroy us already after more than 50 years of our shit — while we are simultaneously destroying ourselves — the likelihood is that any association with them will be GOOD for our species.
  1. This position has me directly opposed to Dr. Stephen Hawking who thinks it’s foolish to advertise our position in the universe, and who thinks an Alien encounter will end badly for humans. I couldn’t disagree more. If they operate at a high technological level, it is rationale to assume they also operate a society that recognizes civil rights. WE had crude civil rights before we had computers. Maybe they define for whom those rights apply more broadly than we do, and that has acted as a blanket of protection we don’t even know we have. But either way, the math is very clear, even if Aliens are here, they still aren’t the main threat to us humans, we are.






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20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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