Kerry’s last speech as Secretary of State

Kerry’s last speech as Secretary of State

Thank God I can write that headline. At least Kerry didn’t look crazy, and wasn’t hysterical during this speech, but the things he said were so patently ridiculous I will just quote one as an example.

“The Obama administration has done more for Israel’s safety than any other administration in history.”

Kerry is childishly naïve, a fool that got close enough to power to endanger the lives of millions. I just pray he exits the world stage without damaging the US and Israel any further. If you don’t believe me. consider the following list.

Saudi Arabia, the GCC countries, Jordan, Qatar – Pre Obama, all close allies, now – all of these countries snubbed Obama by sending low level dignitaries or boycotting the President’s last Arab summit altogether.

Russia, Germany, Britain, Greece, Ukraine, Crimea, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Others in the region; all locked in a maelstrom of war, terrorism, immigration crisis’s and big, destabilizing trouble all directly related to the failed policies of the Obama administration.

This doesn’t count the South China Sea countries of Vietnam, Malaysia, North Korea, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, China, and Japan — which are all — also slowly disintegrating into a similar maelstrom; except this one is fuelled by a natural resource scramble, fishing rights, nationalism and China’s aggressive military posture driven by China’s Communist Party.

The Obama administration has not only failed to slow this expansion effort, the Chinese are arming those fake islands with HUNDREDS of Surface to Air Missiles this WEEK as they prepare to invade Taiwan and enforce Chinese hegemony over the rest of the region.

The fact that Kerry sees none of this, denies the existence of a problem in some cases, and most importantly — did nothing about any of this except make it worse – all of this makes makes him delusional.

I reached this conclusion over a year ago — based on a careful analysis of his policies, his prepared speeches and his spontaneous remarks. I’ve seen him contradict himself, on camera, back and forth, two or three times, in just one week. One time last year, there were TV stations in the Arab world, broadcasting a Kerry speech – while Western world TV station broadcast a version of that speech in which Kerry directly contradicts the clip broadcast in Arab capitals.

January 20th cannot get here soon enough.

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  1. play4keeps says:

    you mean Jan 20, 2021?​

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