China tightens the noose in the South China Sea

China tightens the noose in the South China Sea

The military balance of power is being upset in the South China Sea by China.

I have argued in this blog for over a year now — that this “island” creating and arming effort — is part of a long-range plan to invade Taiwan.

Why Taiwan?

The CCP is desperate to suppress the credible (Taiwanese/Chinese family members talking and emailing with mainland Chinese family members) information flow that fundamentally challenges the Communist lie machine.

That tiny, (23M) successful island nation, a Democracy, is also FAR wealthier than mainland China per capita, and all the truth such a situation creates about capitalism and democracy — is a constant existential threat to the Communist Chinese regime.

But to invade Taiwan the Chinese needed either a carrier fleet, sufficient in power to offset U.S. Naval power (and the combined air cap that goes with that) OR establish a picket line of air defense missile systems, located on a string of islands reaching around the Taiwanese island from the East China Sea (where the first dredging and building was done), down through the South China Sea.

You can see why China military watchers are so alarmed by the Chinese commitment to build exactly such a SAM picket line with coral reefs instead of aircraft carriers.

The Chinese directly promised the Pentagon they would not militarize these islands — and they have broken that promise repeatedly. This is also very bad news because the Chinese usually honor such commitments.

This week, 500 surface to air missiles are being located on the islands. I predict this number will rise into the thousands within a month.

This is a threat to our air power advantage and that is the only thing we HAVE to protect Taiwan in an invasion crisis with China.

Watch out world, the Chinese are on the move in the South China Sea, while all eyes are elsewhere, and all that movement has a dark PURPOSE.

This week, 500 surface to air missiles are being located on the islands. I just wanted to repeat that sentence.


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One Response to China tightens the noose in the South China Sea

  1. AgelessMD says:

    Thank you Karl for highlighting the urgency of the Chinese situation.
    Their picket line of SAMs are located on reefs. As far as I can tell, these are not the type of SAMs that can be fired from underwater. This makes them a Maginot Line for those readers of pre-WW2 French border security.

    At the first sign of the start of a military invasion the militarized reefs need to be submerged, with apologies to any sea life left on them. How? The reefs can be submerged from air, space, or sea attacks.

    My first (albeit untrained) choice would be one hyper-kinetic missile per island. These are inert ICBMs traveling at well over 10,000 miles per hour that destroy on impact with the force of a few kiloton warhead (Energy = 1/2 mass x velocity squared). They are very environmentally friendly. This may cause undesired consequences if the Chinese fear they are nuclear tipped. We would have to communicate in advance of launch exactly what they are.

    My second option would be submarine launched “sea skimming” missiles targeting the SAM power installations on each island combined with close follow up torpedo attacks on the reefs’ underwater structural support. They are merely limestone – not the strongest of materials.

    It seems that Xi and Putin and Obama all suffer from an inability to appreciate the consequences of their actions. This makes the world more dangerous now then at any non-war time period we have witnessed. The Joint Chiefs had better be politically independent in their defense of our country and its allies with whom we have treaties.

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