Obama, Kerry, Carter, Netanyahu, inevitably clash

The summary below is from a Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) paper by Dr. Eran Lerman.

Why is Israel mad at Obama? Does this move by Kerry and Obama really jeopardize peace or increase the probability of peace?

These questions AND this “Christmas Surprise UN resolution” go to the heart of the matter — which Netanyahu clearly understands – and that is:

“Who rightfully can speak for a people, and what effect will that speech have if the people spoken for — do not agree with that speech? The Israeli scholars who crafted the piece below run into this submerged log as soon as they attempt to write about this issue.”

Jimmy Carter, the UN, the U.S. government, and of course the Israeli government, cannot speak for the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian people and ONLY the Palestinian people must speak for themselves. As must the Israeli’s, in one-on-one negotiations, making deals both sides are RESPONSIBLE for. I’ll let the Israeli point of view here speak for itself – but where you see the reference to an American President, that’s Carter, and his Camp David Peace Accords, which along with EVERYTHING else Carter did, turned into a river of shit, we and the Israeli’s are still cleaning up.

Although I generally agree with what’s written below, I think they have the order wrong, obviously, as they have the problem of the Palestinian leadership’s NEED to accept a deal with the Israeli’s, in fourth place on this list.

I think the prospect of a better deal from the international community, just being on the table, is in itself, an insurmountable obstacle. In other words, a deal you ink with your own blood, money, and is rooted in ideas believed by your people — is the only deal you have a CHANCE of living up to.

This goes for the Israeli’s and the Palestinians. This goes for the Americans and the Russians. This goes for the Southern Confederacy and the Lincoln government. This goes for two cave clans making a deal a million years ago. Bibi’s not a genius, just a student of history.

Here is the summary from the BESA Center paper, No. 389

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In four respects, UNSCR 2334 undermines the prospects of Israeli-Palestinian peace and threatens what little regional stability is left. First, it could force Israel to fall back on its powerful legal position as the only existing legal inheritor of the British Mandate. Second, it compounds the error made by Obama’s transition team even before he came to power of ignoring a written commitment of a US president. Third, it has placed Sisi’s government in Egypt – a keystone of regional stability – in an untenable position. Fourth and most painfully, it will make it far more complicated – if not impossible – for the Palestinian leadership, enticed by the prospect of international coercion, to accept a reasonable compromise. The New Zealanders, do-gooders with a very dim understanding of what they have wrought, can be forgiven such folly. The Obama administration has no such excuses.


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