Obama shames, I mean Abstains on UN vote

Obama shames, I mean Abstains on UN vote

Wow. I thought getting their butts kicked in this election would be a warning to Obama and Kerry (like they needed more evidence) that the shit storm they caused in the Middle East was on the electorates mind, and most importantly, on the Jewish electorates mind.

But NO, Obama and I’m sure Kerry, just had to take a parting shot at Netanyahu, a parting shot at Israel, a parting shot at Trump, and what will eventually turn out to be a parting shot at the American people.

They rolled all this into a single maneuver by abstaining from a UN veto today – therefore allowing a resolution to pass – condemning Israel’s settlement policies.

This of course is identical to Kerry’s hysterical position delivered on camera this week, almost in tears. This bout of hysteria was wedged in-between his oft-repeated hysteria over Syria. If I had gotten as many people killed as Kerry’s childish naiveté certainly did, I would also be hysterical.

Trump, Netanyahu, and Jewish voters in this country will all react to this spiteful, last minute goodbye kiss from Obama and Kerry — and that reaction isn’t going to add votes to the shriveled Dem Caucus

The UN (good grief) resolution won’t stop the settlements, it won’t contribute to peace and I hope it is the beginning of the end for the UN.

As written here for over a year now, the Israeli’s under Netanyahu are moving toward one-on-one negotiations with all their neighbors, partners, and enemies — and this UN BS will NOT reverse that trend, if anything, it will accelerate it.

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