Biden tells the Truth

Biden tells the Truth

Two camps have developed within the DNC, the “We won the popular vote” camp — so we really didn’t lose — and the “We lost, lets fix our message” camp.

Obviously I think the first camp is in denial.

The Electoral College was not an accident or a mistake; taking that position would be like saying the Senate is a mistake — because it’s not one man, one vote. That’s a ridiculous argument that ignores ALL of our history.

Normally when I take a strong position like that I look for echo’s — and who’s issuing them — and this time I find an echo from the man the Dems should have run, the man who would have easily beaten Trump, the man I predicted would enter the race in January or February — and finally, the man who is looking at 2020, Joe Biden.

Here’s Biden from an interview today:

Fox News — Biden warned that “a bit of elitism” has “crept in” to party thinking and urged a change.

“I believe that we were not letting an awful lot of people — high school-educated, mostly Caucasian, but also people of color — know that we understood their problems,” he said.

I love Biden and this is why. When the liberal elites get around him and start spinning their complicated and false narratives, he usually makes his way to the microphone and throws cold water on all the nonsense. For some reason the Liberal, leftist, loony tunes Party leadership never turns on him for it. Biden is right of course, we don’t need to change the Electoral College or the Constitution, we need to change the Dem party message.


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