Tom Perez joins fight for DNC chair – Pay attention Montgomery County

Tom Perez joins fight for DNC chair – Pay attention Montgomery County

The life and health of the Democratic Party for the next decade, in my opinion, is at stake.

Rarely does the choice of a Party head have the impact this next choice will. The world, macro events, the U.S. economy, and a badly flawed message platform have put the Democratic caucus at its lowest levels in nearly 100 years.

Whining aside, only someone delusional would deny this was a problem, and furthermore, was a problem that demands some major changes in policy/tactics and/or direction.

What does that mean for Democrats? It doesn’t mean they repudiate the principles they value — but find a way to honor those values while simultaneously veering toward performance based algorithms.

Republicans don’t have a monopoly on doers and one of those producers, Tom Perez, has thrown his hat into the ring for DNC head. Thank God.

This guy is a winner, a rationale man who also embodies the principles of the Party.

One little story. The West Coast dock workers strike was holding up cargo, commerce, the whole economy really, a few year ago; and Perez — sensing the magnitude of the situation — quietly got on a plane and put the rhetorical gun of Presidential Involvement on the negotiating table in L.A.

The next day the strike was over, stuff was flowing, and the economy avoided one more hit it didn’t need.

Is this guy Donald J. Trump? No, he’s not even an imitator, but he gets things gone, in a different way, but done.

Disclaimer: Tom is from Montgomery County Maryland where I live, write, and where I’ll have my ashes scattered. So, I will admit I supported his political career here and think he’s a great guy. Just what the Party needs, here’s a piece from The Hill on his official announcement:

From The Hill –Labor Secretary Tom Perez announced he is joining the race to be the next Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman, he told state party chairs on a Thursday conference call, shaking up a campaign that has so far been dominated by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).

This is a win, win, win, folks, Ellison is pushing the wrong message, and is the wrong messenger. Perez is a proven leader from Obama’s cabinet that has a chance to turn the Party away from it’s current course, toward the sea bottom.


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One Response to Tom Perez joins fight for DNC chair – Pay attention Montgomery County

  1. AgelessMD says:

    It is always important to have very good and capable people across from you to bring out the best in both! When that happens, things get done jointly!

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