Why the One-China policy is a Fraud

Why the One-China policy is a Fraud

Or, The Chinese Emperor has no clothes

Study the chart below and then we’ll talk…


See the solid red line near the bottom of the Chart? That line is China’s GDP per capita reading and how it performs relative to the other countries on the chart is like boiling down everything the government and the macro environment are doing for you as a human and expressing it in one relationship.

So, in this chart we see that GDP indicator plotted for decades against the other governments in the world, and the region, that are doing their job well. As you can see the Communist Chinese have improved the lot of their people generally, bringing their line up off the starvation line and even growing wealth not in absolute terms, but marginally — in line with the industrialized countries — over the last two decades.

Now look ar the solid line marked Taiwan which begins down near China in the lower left corner and then marches across the chart crossing OVER every other country — catching and then passing every country — EXCEPT the U.S. and Singapore.

Singapore is the dotted line which blows past all the other lines and is even blowing away the U.S. number.

In other words, the Taiwanese people are some of the wealthiest, well educated and prosperous people in the world, having gotten that way over decades with a free market economy — and a political system where they choose thir own leaders and laws. This astounding success story is THE threat to the Communist Chinese, and to allow those oppressive Communists to invade this independent country without protest, simply because President Carter made a diplomatic error decades ago; is absurd.

The Communist Chinese do not have a sovereign right to this island, by virtue of the will of the people actually living there — and nothing can change that. The Emperor has no clothes and Trump may be the only one in the room willing to say it. At one time, when he was a TV personality, I would have laughed at that, but now, he’s President-elect, and those words MATTER.

I think they matter for the better of the Taiwanese people and even though I know that puts me in the minority among the China experts, I stand my ground.


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