Trump sends some Love to Bibi

Trump sends some Love to Bibi

Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu cannot stand Obama and this came to a head over the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Bibi felt badly wronged throughout that experience and he vowed to change things between the United States and his country. My sources tell me there was pushback on his plans UNTIL Obama actually traveled to Israel, right before their elections, and gave a TV interview, defending the deal, attacking Netanyahu, and foolishly attempted to tell the Israeli electorate, how to vote. That cemented a list of long developing plans to change some basic themes Bibi sees as a challenge to Israel’s future.

His first vow was to never have Israeli interests be the subject of negotiations he, or a representative of the government — wasn’t a party to. Furthermore, as a codicil to this principle, Bibi vowed to move to bilateral agreements between Israel and all other parties, negotiated directly, as much as possible.

The two state doctrine is dead.

The settlement restriction doctrine is dead.

In fact, Bibi has quietly halted virtually all the countries diplomatic initatives with the Palestinians and any other party.

He also turned out the vote in Israel, and to the extent he could, in the U.S. for Trump.

Which dovetails with another vow Bibi made to make progress on, the move of Israel’s capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

This requires moving the U.S. embassy and yes, along with everything else Trump got done this week, he reiterated his promise to Bibi that the U.S. will move it’s embassy.

Trump’s stamina is dizzying.

Here’s a piece from the INDEPENDANT about it.

From the Independent — Moving the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will be a “big priority” for the incoming Trump administration, according to senior aide Kellyanne Conway.

The United Nations does not recognise the holy city as the capital of Israel, and many of its nations’ embassies remain in Tel Aviv. A formal acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital could spark diplomatic conflict, as it would appear that a country is taking sides in the ongoing dispute with Palestine over the rightful owner of the city.

Nevertheless, Mr Trump has made it clear that he wants to move the US embassy to Israel’s self-declared capital. Netanyahu dismisses allegations Trump and his team are anti-Semitic

“That is a very big priority for this president-elect, Donald Trump,” Ms Conway told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. “He made it pretty clear during the campaign … and as president-elect, I’ve heard him repeat it several times privately, if not publicly.”

She continued: “It is something that our friend in Israel, a great friend in the Middle East, would appreciate, and something that a lot of Jewish-Americans have expressed their preference for.

“It is a great move. It is an easy move to do based on how much he talked about that in the debates and in the sound bites.”

Of course, Mr Trump will not be the first incoming president to have made such a promise.


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