Putin’s Pick for President

Putin’s Pick for President

Did the Russian government attempt — and to what extent were they able — to influence the American Presidential election?
Was the bias toward candidate Trump, as presumed by this report, a personal thing with Putin, or something ominous like a quid pro quo?

Were those efforts provably directed by Moscow and/or coordinated in any way, shape, or form — with anyone in the United States?

A mess like this normally would give me a stomach ache. The idea that the Democrats, and Republicans, and Trump, and Obama, could agree on a way to investigate questions like this without bias — is like expecting cold fusion to work tomorrow.

However, probably because the end of the world is near, Harry Reid, the nastiest man alive, has signaled he is HAPPY with Senator Lindsay Graham being the one to get to the bottom of this.

Thank God Reid said this today, thank god.

Of course, Graham is already leading an investigation into this matter, which will be more fruitful than the DOJ handling of one could, or will be. In other words, this messy bowl of spaghetti has been placed — through an unusual political alignment of stars — in the lap of the one person, most competent to handle it.

I love Graham. I won’t lie, I’m a huge fan. In a universe far, far, away, in a solar system that didn’t revolve around the supernova called Trump, I was a supporter of his for the Presidency.

He’s smart, he cares about this country, and he is a Senator, in other words — this investigation is CENTERED in the constitutional body it should be centered in.

Plus, Graham is respected on both sides of the aisle (obviously), something he has earned with years of honest decisions and truthful relationships on a Hill, that is a really a swamp.

Having this in Graham’s hands will also help Trump in the long run; providing no one in Trump’s camp was in touch with the Russian leader.

Convincing Trump’s detractors he is not for sale and/or under influence from any foreign leader will be a much easier argument if that is also Senator Graham’s conclusion.

From The Hill — In his interview, he also praised Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for his efforts to investigate Russia’s influence on the election.

“I believe Lindsey Graham is a voice of concern,” Reid said.

For the first time in years I agree with Reid on something; with Graham looking at this, we’re in good hands.


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