Dems plan to block Mattis

Dems plan to block Mattis

Trump won the election and proposed “Mad Dog” Mattis as the new SECDEF.

Since Mattis has served on active duty in the last 7 years he’ll need a waiver like the one granted General Marshall, in order to serve as SECDEF.

Republicans plan to insert such a waiver into the short-term spending bill they will pass to keep the government open past Friday.

And, apparently, Democrats who may have little or no interest in Mr. Trump’s plans are preparing challenges.

One such lawmaker, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the top two Dems from New York — has already said she opposes a waiver on principle — all but ensuring a fight over Mattis.

Why is this REALLY stupid of the Dems? Mattis was a top war theatre General UNDER Obama, if the Dems oppose this appointment it will backfire badly and guess who also senses that?

That’s right, Obama does, and how do we know that? He’s already said he WILL sign a bill with such a waiver attached.

I love my country, Democrats and Republicans alike, and I’m uncomfortable when either party gets so off the rails it’s a threat to national prosperity and/or security.

The Dems have been heading off track for a decade now and this is just one more little piece of evidence for that diagnosis.


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