Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

I write a lot about Unintended Consequences because they matter. Jill Stein, just one of this elections independent candidates, is a illustrative example. She is raising millions for a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Since Stein can’t possibly think she won the election, this exercise is about electing Hillary. Here’s the twist, Trump won by far fewer votes in all 3 of those states — than Jill Stein received.


If you assume as most electoral watchers do, that far more of Jill Stein’s protest vote would have gone to Hillary (exit polling overwhelmingly bore this out) than Trump; than it was Stein’s decision itself — to run in the first place — that cost Hillary the election.

Talk about your unintended consequences. And who predicted exactly this, that the size of the independent vote in this unusual election season would be decisive? Dan Quayle, of course, in a CNBC interview, months before the election.

Of course, because it was former Republican Ross Perot’s decision to run an independent campaign against the elder Bush that elected Bill Clinton the first time — and first catapulted the Clintons to the world stage.


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