First Reaction to “Trump’s First Report Card” from Rupli, my Liberal friend

First Reaction to “Trump’s First Report Card” from Rupli, my Liberal friend

From Dan: Karl: I love you, but we seem to be living in two different universes. I am not prepared to give Trump’s post election performance a grade, but I will react to your conclusions.
First of all prominent Democrats would love to make a deal on infrastructure because that was an essential part of their playbook for the past 8 years and a key portion of Hillary’s agenda, all of which has been consistently blocked by Republican Congresses. That is where Democratic support ends for the Trump agenda.

So Dan admits we’ll get an infrastructure DEAL – regardless of which party he blames for the impasse and which one I blame. This is GREAT news.

From Dan: And don’t hold your breath that Democrats are going to endorse Trump’s pro rich tax proposal, or his promise to overturn Obamacare. He has endorsed key provisions of Obamacare including the pre-condition part and the part that allows young people to stay on their parents policies until age 26. Those two provisions are the most expensive aspects of Obamacare and are responsible for the mandate requiring universal participation or a fine. Trump doesn’t seem to get that.

I see a lot of silver lining in Dan’s wording here and so should America. Warren and Sanders have both signaled they will work with Trump to fix this mess that is Obamacare WHILE retaining the provisions popular with Americans a position Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp championed 2 years ago. Even Dan should concede some of this point to me.

From Dan: Regarding his appointments, we really disagree:
Attorney General Jeff Sessions-He was deemed unqualified for a federal judgeship by a Senate Committee years ago, and his nomination withdrawn. He is a tried old racist with the mentality of a houseplant, and may not get Republican support during the confirmation process. I am pulling for him over Giuliani, however who seems to be completely unhinged at this stage of his life. I do hope he spends a lot of time “waiting in the wings.”

Here I must disagree with you. The Senate will respect their colleague and overwhelmingly approve him.

From Dan: Pompeo at CIA-An impressive resume.

Now we’re getting momentum, as a Developer would say.

From Dan: Flynn as National Security Advisor-Completely unqualified by temperament for the job. Led a convention chant to “lock her up” while making a speech on national security in Cleveland.

O.K., Flynn is to the right of Attila the Hun, but who better than such a man to put the ISIL genie back in the bottle Obama/Clinton opened for them?

From Dan: Bonnan as Chief White House Advisor-PLEASE!! A racist, anti Simite from fake news champ Breitbart? Who is smoking what here?

This is whiny in my opinion, President’s put advisors around themselves from a variety of backgrounds including those loyal to them for Good reasons. He won, relax, Obama had Marxist’s around him and he didn’t declare a communist state while president.

From Dan: Obama and Hillary extended the olive branch to Trump, which I would never done. Trump didn’t change anybody’s tone. They were being overly generous with him. And by the way, Hillary does not need a pardon…

We’ll see, but I also congratulated the President on his tone and carriage since the election in “Obama’s classy Swan #’s I and II. Read the blog.

From Dan: Romney- Would be reassuring to traditional Republicans as a member of Trump’s team but has shown a decided lack of character by cozying up to Trump after all that was said between them.

Again you are splitting the wrong hair faulting Romney for doing what’s best for America.

From Dan: You said that you were “giddy” about his performance thus far. I would say that is just about right……Lets get together for a cold one. DAN.

I love you too Dan, and I know how you feel, I’ve been feeling that way for years now.


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