China to invade Taiwan, version V

China to invade Taiwan, version V

The H6-K is a long-range nuclear capable bomber built exclusively for the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. This bomber is getting air time as the Chinese prepare to attack Taiwan. Don’t believe me? well, just go the Phillipines this week and look UP.

China Flies H6-K Bomber Over South China Sea Shoals Near The Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force flew its nuclear-capable bomber over the Scarborough (Panatag) Shoal a few days after the ruling of an arbitral tribunal over the South China Sea dispute.


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2 Responses to China to invade Taiwan, version V

  1. agelessmd says:

    You paint a scary picture my friend.
    If the PLA is that short sighted, which they always have been – we are in a world of hurt.
    However, I do not think this will occur

    With this action plan, China would destroy their country economically and socially as they cannot stand alone and prosper any more than the Iranians could in their small “axis of evil”.

    Granted, China could be more self-sufficient than most any other country willing to defy international law due to its multiple “iron curtain countries” that it could potentially force into the fold – Vietnam, Singapore, Phillipines, etc.. leading to a USSR model, that also ended spectacularly in failure.

    Dictatorships, Theocracies, Communist/Socialist, and Oligarchies – all fail spectacularly because the means of production (the people) do not reap the rewards of their work and risk taking.

    IMO, China is making a gross miscalculation (not necessarily in the short term) that will send it back to the days of the Boxer rebellion as not all countries will be so weak in countering them as our current US foreign policy and executive branch would be.
    Is Xi that foolish? Can they just stop at Taiwan? Or, is the blood thirst for more land and production to save their own failing state too big within the PLA?

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