Obama backs Erdogan; is Obama a traitor?

Obama backs Erdogan; is Obama a traitor?

Erdogan is an elected leader and Obama is a U.S. President, therefore Obama’s support of Erdogan is a no-brainer, right?


Less than a year ago Erdogan asked his people to come out in an election HE called and give him a 66% majority in the Turkish Parliament — so he could change their constitution in a way that would essentially make him a dictator for life.

These changes were also designed to permanently empower the Islamic Brotherhood in Turkey in ways that will survive Erdogan.

Erdogan LOST that election badly, with his party winning FEWER seats in Parliament.

That surprising election ALSO propelled a new party, one that backed Kurdish independence, into the Turkish parliament for the first time.

Erdogan was not happy – so he “reorganized” his election fixing apparatus, banned multiple political groups (the ones that voted against him) and then he held another — highly rigged election –which to no ones surprise gave him the results he wanted.

This provably rigged “election” result will entrench and empower the Islamic Brotherhood in that country for decades and has also created a dictatorship with Erdogan at the head.

When the Army attempted to undo this silent Islamic/Erdogan coup this week — our president Obama — who simply must know all this, publically called to support Erdogan.

My sister used to chide me for supporting Obama and tell me Obama wasn’t really an American. She thought he was an American President in name only – that he really was a man that actually was rooting for America’s enemies, not her allies, and I used to tell her she was crazy — that Obama had made mistakes sure — but that he was definitely on America’s, and Democracy’s, side.

I’m actually not so sure I was right anymore.




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  1. Meir says:

    Good post Karl. Thank you.

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