Is fundamental Islamic worship a religious movement or a political one?

Is fundamental Islamic worship a religious movement or a political one?

The answer to this question is important because that answer, and that answer alone — must form the basis for our response.

President Obama has not felt the urgency to respond at all to this question asked of him in blood everyday — except to withdraw – and that response has been catastrophic.

Wave after wave of fundamentalist, Islamic, jihadist, hatred toward non-Muslims is sweeping the globe – and is absolute proof of the failure of Obama’s non-strategy.

Now, we need a course change — and that will require us to actually examine what it is we are up against.

This is important because if this really is a religious movement, there are over 1 billion Muslims that are potential recruits to the Islamic jihadist flag – BUT — if it’s a political movement using religion as a justification for their constant cruelty, the number of Islamic jihadist’s that will need to be fought militarily is much lower; maybe just a few hundred thousand.

Obama sees none of this, so don’t bother looking at his speech’s or policies for an indication on this issue – sadly – he can’t even get the words “Islamic Terrorist” out of his mouth.

In fact, if he wasn’t the President, I would give so little weight to his nonsense position, I wouldn’t even write about it. But he is the President, mercifully not for much longer, so we can now ask this question with some hope the answer might spark an actual governmental reaction.

And the answer is actually quite revealing.

Without the imposition of Sharia Law, Muslims around the globe have proven they can live in peace, even in diverse population centers. The imposition or ATTEMPTED imposition of Sharia Law always brings about the same horrific result however, a giant clash between the Islamic community and the non-Islamic community.

Strip this religion of it’s legal status as the sole author of ALL law and it becomes a religion again. This has been historically true of OTHER religions that held legal and therefore life or death power over the people — and when they had that legal power removed — none of that nonsense continued.

The U.S. needs to outlaw Sharia law here – and urge a UN resolution forbidding it as a legal system in any country that doesn’t want to be automatically labeled as a major civil rights violator – and that will be a good first step.

I know Obama can NOT do this, he just doesn’t see it (scary) but Trump could and maybe will.ld


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