Hillary Whitewash

Hillary Whitewash

Nixon had Watergate, Hillary has Whitewash, the furious effort by Hillary, Her lawyers, Obama, the Attorney General (shame) and every level DNC staffer to cover up her multiple crimes while serving as Secretary of State.

I loved that description of her lawyers behavior by FBI Director Comey – it sounded exactly like the behavior of mob lawyers. I can just hear Lanny Davis instructing the troops, before the legal team reviewed her stored e-mails “Jusr read the headers, delete everything on this list, we will burn these lists, and we will wipe your phones after this. No computers, no discussions, this is top secret stuff folks.”

If Hillary had handled her emails with the same care her lawyers handled the Whitewash effort, she would not have a problem EXCEPT one – which no one is talking about, but needs to be considered, what much worse criminal conduct — was on those emails they went to such length to permanently delete?

It’s like the missing eighteen minutes in the White House tapes, most people know Nixon was a snake, the rest of the tapes prove that, so how bad did the deal on that missing piece have to be that even Nixon singled it out as un-releasable?

Hillary has become Nixon, which is a really ironic twist, considering she got her start in politics opposing him.

Typically the media would react in horror toward a politician that did the things Hillary did, but the polls on this election are too close to call, so the loony leftist media led by the NYT, the LA Times and the Washington Post will all skip printing the full truth about this scandal and go straight to defending her, Comey, Obama and the AG — Loreta Lynch.

The Democrats and their lapdog media chorus have this all wrong, Hillary is NOT their best chance to hold the White House, in fact — she is the only thing objectionable enough to get Trump elected.

Sanders, Biden and even others could easily beat him, she will not. The FBI director’s lie about nobody else being prosecuted in this position is directly refuted by the David Petraus case and even though the public isn’t as familiar with this case (as inside the Beltway types are), this old case will now get more publicity.

Hillary coerced her way out of these charges, but that FBI briefing, especially the part about her phone network being penetrated while in foreign countries, –some of which Comey admitted are hostile to us.


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