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Hillary morphs into Nixon

Hillary morphs into Nixon David Axelrod, the Great Obama Propagandist, tweeted that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was only responsible for bad “optics”, not a felony or a gross ethics violation — when Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton, at an … Continue reading

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The world growth crisis

The world growth crisis Every single country in the world with the sole exception of India, is in a growth rate decline crisis. There is also $11 Trillion in worldwide sovereign debt that is currently being serviced by negative interest … Continue reading

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The Pentagon and the President owe me a Benghazi explanation

The Pentagon and the President owe me a Benghazi explanation… Neither version of the Benghazi committee’s report surprised me, except one. Both versions equally stipulate that the President AND the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta — testified that they ordered … Continue reading

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America in Denial

America in Denial We are under attack from 3 directions and as a people are in danger as a result. Islamic fundamentalism is not the JV team, they have frozen our economy, are killing here on our soil, and have … Continue reading

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Is Forgiveness Stupid?

Is Forgiveness Stupid? On the surface this looks to be a slam-dunk. From a physics perspective, we appear to live in a completely deterministic universe… Evolutionarily, self defense is ubiquitous… Our economic and legal systems both punish offenders… Even personally, … Continue reading

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I think, God is Love, therefore I am…

I think, God is Love, therefore I am… I think my free will decisions, whether to choose Love — or not — are all that exist… I think a sunset is beautiful because God is warching it with me… I … Continue reading

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China Trouble Titanic style

China Trouble Titanic style How will we know when things in China are about to get real ugly? The answer is NOT in a study of the South China Sea dispute or fishing rights clashes with their ASEAN neighbors or … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court performs a miracle

The Supreme Court performs a miracle The Supreme Court needs a press agent. They never explain anything about how clever they are so sometimes we get lost down in the trees, whilst they gaze upon the forest. This is one … Continue reading

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I don’t understand Obama

I don’t understand Obama I can flip from outrage to admiration with the President not only in a single day but I actually can disagree fundamentally with him on an issue – and on another level — AGREE with him, … Continue reading

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Maduro Teeters

Maduro Teeters From NPR: Fed up with a collapsing economy, Venezuelans have been turning out in huge numbers this week to support a referendum that could potentially end the rule of President Nicolas Maduro and his Socialist Party. See my … Continue reading

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