Mr. Mayton is a Liar and a Liberal Progressive, but then I repeat myself…

A liberal, left wing loony writer for the Guardian and the Progressive, 2 publications that understand Karl Marx better than Adam Smith had to fire a writer who has put numerous articles in both rags this week because it turns out he is a big LIAR, as in fabricated his stories, quotes, the whole ball of wax.
The following article by him, blaming the Untied States and Europe for generations of policies which in his honest opinion are the cause of the hate the Islamic world has with the West.

Mr. Mayton’s line of thinking is garbage just like he is and I’ve included some of an article he wrote — so you, the faithful five will see what is going on. and basically it is just what you thought.

Here’s that story, if you want a laugh:

The headline: Understanding the unrest in the Islamic World

Posted: September 29, 2012
Joseph Mayton
CAIRO–While a film may have sparked unrest across the Islamic world, the roots of anger among Muslims are local and international.

The riots were, in part, an outlet to express decades of anger and frustration towards American and European policies directed at the Islamic world.

At the same time, the protests were also a way of lashing out at the poor conditions facing much of the populations in these countries. Where they were most violent, there is also the most frustration, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Egypt.

Talking to two separate Islamic leaders in Egypt and Indonesia, a picture began to form that the anger was sparked by the film, and continued by the cartoons, but at the heart of the debate was the media’s portrayal of Muslims, and Muslims’ frustration at their current situations.

That’s tight folks, the people running this lie for Obama and Hillary – were making it up out of whole cloth.

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