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Will the Fed raise rates?

Will the Fed raise rates? Yes. The Fed will move up a quarter point, and this will happen either in June (75%) or July if they don’t move in June. My reasoning is simple, the data they are watching has … Continue reading

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LA Times faults TRUMAN, not Japan, for atom bomb

LA Times faults TRUMAN, not Japan, for atom bomb Goebbels in charge at LA Times because they are telling the “Big Lie” The premise Japan was on the verge of surrender is ridiculous, in fact, the Japanese had fought ferociously … Continue reading

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Mr. Mayton is a Liar and a Liberal Progressive, but then I repeat myself…

A liberal, left wing loony writer for the Guardian and the Progressive, 2 publications that understand Karl Marx better than Adam Smith had to fire a writer who has put numerous articles in both rags this week because it turns … Continue reading

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Who is Mazal Mualem and why should her opinion matter to you?

Originally posted on karlspain:
by Karl Spain Bear with me here because this string isn’t obvious, you need a little background. Israel, like the U.S. is a complicated place with a complicated electorate. Actually the U.S. 2 party and platform…

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No Nukes for Nuts

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The Iranian nuclear arms deal is a bad deal. It will result in Iran getting a nuclear bomb and President Obama needs to kill this entire idea and then do everything in his power with financial…

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Trump and Obama abducted by aliens, replaced

I’ve been thinking. Pretty much day and night for weeks and months now — I’ve been thinking about the presidential race, the stock market, the U.S. economy, ISIS, Israel and the rest of the world including of course CHINA. I … Continue reading

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