The news is not good….

I’ve been working very hard recently on a long term math project the Unified Field Theory and this has badly hurt my Blog time but I simply can’t stay away another day without some comment on world and domestic events for you the faithful five.

Before I begin I’m proud to say this has been the most productive period in my hunt for a complete UFT in over 10 years and I’m even hoping to put out a presentation soon explaining my progress. But for now, back to the world as we already know it.

The Presidential Election campaign would be entertaining if it were not so frightening so here is my final word on these candidates before New Hampshire votes.

In the Democratic column it looks like a catfight between Hillary and Bernie and I still DO NOT see it that way. The high undecideds this late indicate to me the public has figured out what a lying, phony, and truly wicked woman Hillary is – so much so they are ALMOST willing to elect a Socialist to get out of that choice. She may win the Democratic nomination because she’s rigged the primary process to benefit her – BUT – that will be a disaster for the Dems in the General.
I don’t think Bernie can win the nomination leaving me back at Joe Biden for the Dems, who is still not even in the race. I’m no longer sure he will declare (December/January was his best entrance window) but if he doesn’t, the Dems are without a viable candidate.

The Republicans have a loud, insulting, bigoted blowhard without a plan or any public service record in Trump, which also makes him a long and probably even a short-term liability BUT the race has forced some cream to the top. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush have been sounding good and getting better everyday, and they both have not just a plan and a record of public service and a deep knowledge of world and domestic affairs BUT they also BOTH have acceptable positions on immigration and taxes, meaning these two guys are who the public, the Republicans, and everybody who cares about America — should vote for.

A Rubio or Bush headliner with the other as VP would be a very strong, very sensible and NECESSARY ticket for this country in what will be a very challenging next few years after the debacle Obama and his cronies have created in the debt ratios of the worlds balance sheets vs the size of the worlds productive engine.

If we don’t stop creating more debt than productivity — a world wide crash is inevitable. When I began preaching this years ago everybody thought I was a nut BUT now I see every major economist in the world echoing this sentiment. I’m not bragging, just saying, the day of reckoning is soo close now, even these blind eternal bulls see it.

If you are thinking China can solve this, think again. Xi is a dictator tightening his iron grip on over 1 Billion people and this will end in disaster there as well, unless he is overthrown in favor of a Deng type reformer, which at this point, I find unlikely.

Before Obama, Putin and Xi the world had a reasonable chance to recover from the 2008 financial crash that is still threatening the world BUT unfortunately all 3 of these key world leaders have made one disastrous decision after another in search of power, fame, wealth, and public approval. Now, nearly a decade later the die has been largely cast. The world is in a deflationary spiral (again, not to brag but my book The Revelation predicted/explained all this, also nearly a decade ago) and not only doesn’t Obama, Putin, or Xi see this, all 3 of them know so little about economics they don’t even understand it’s happening.

These types of blinders and blunders always lead to war and not only don’t we have that erupting all around us, I think much worse is yet to come. Almost unavoidable considering how few options exist to rebalance the worlds debt with it’s productive engine. Will the market crash? Yes, over 50% of the top companies in the US have reported lower Revenues (as opposed to just lower earnings) this week and this is a key indicator the bubble is ripping apart.

So, in short, vote for Rubio or Bush (and vote often) and go to cash with your stocks to at least the 50% level if you already haven’t. At least for the next few months while this deflationary spiral bottoms out and craters everything around it.

About karlspain

20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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1 Response to The news is not good….

  1. agelessmd says:

    Karl, You totally missed who is going to win the general election… and he is a savior for the US. John Kasich. I know you say he does not have the sexiness and obnoxiousness and divisiveness that the public seems to want. but in reality, Kasich is the only person who can save us. God will work in wonderful ways and He will ensure that Kasich is ready to build us back up in a healthier way than the last 20 years of bozos in the executive and Congressional offices have done. Kasich will not try to grow the US economy based on debt and wealth redistribution – a politically popular but simpleton idea. He will cut taxation and regulations of the small business owners and aspirants who are the back bone of exponential wealth building since time immemorial. He will need a VP and that should be Rubio, who has his heart in the right place but needs 8 years of hands on education away from the controls.

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