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Why I’d still prefer Heidi Heitkamp for President

Why I’d still prefer Heitkamp for President   My few remaining friends ask me; why Karl, do you support a candidate for president, Heidi Heitkamp, who isn’t even in the race?   As my previous piece points out, I understand … Continue reading

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It’s Jeb Bush by a nose

It’s Jeb Bush by a nose Everyone’s been asking me to write about all the stupid stuff the candidates have been saying, but I’m not into that, I can sum it up in one sentence, they’re all liars. But, not … Continue reading

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5 Quick Items for Thought on PV’s, ISIL, Obama, The Deflationary Spiral and of course, China

  Item 1. The price of energy, which almost every relevant model uses, for sustainable energy deployment comparisons — has a built in baseline which assumes much higher fossil fuel prices than the world is experiencing. Translation: None of the … Continue reading

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