The Iranians are criminals and if we deal with them, we are criminals

I re-post this from 6 months ago to honor Jason, who was falsely CONVICTED by the Iranians this week. How is this possible I ask, with the same Iranian “leaders” Obama JUST made a deal with? How? How?


WaPo the movie, or, Night of the Editorially Dead

If this story was a movie it would win a thumbs down for an unrealistic plot line that made no sense because real powerful people in the world don’t behave this idiotically. Except when it’s the Editor’s, staff and owners of the Washington Post that abandoned Jason Rezaian (their reporter) to a prison in Iran. 

They did this, very ludicrous and unethical thing, to give cover to an administration badly out of control on this Iranian deal. The president made it clear he didn’t want any other considerations brought in and if that meant alienating Israel, Netanyahu, Sisi and Egypt, the King of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC, the Republicans, the Jewish wing of the Democratic Party, well then, that’s how it was going to be.

And pretty much the liberal loony left like the Wapo Obama boot…

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