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Why the Iranian deal is such a huge mistake

The President’s position is really pretty simple — the Iranian Nuclear treaty isn’t perfect, but Trust Me, it’s the best thing available. The problem with that sentence is the “Trust Me” part. I don’t trust Obama to know what is … Continue reading

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My worst fears about Obama come true, the devil made him do it!

I could have lived with the President making mistakes in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, the list goes on and on, after all, I wasn’t that impressed with the Bush administration’s handling of foreign affairs either BUT one thing you could … Continue reading

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Just how stupid is our deal with Iran?

Before you read what’s below and think for a second it might be true, imagine all the places in the world, right now, that are under siege, attack and are experiencing war because of Iran. From AP — Iran’s president … Continue reading

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Wasserman Shultz gets shouted down for Hillary

Today, while the rest of us worked around the house or caught up on reading, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, one of the greatest apologists of the twenty-first century for Obama, Hillary and the Democratic Party, is getting SHOUTED down, verbally crucified, … Continue reading

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Gus Bauman is right, part II

TO MY BLOG READERS — I tried to put a picture of the Legion bridge with a lot of traffic here and instead got this fertility graph (I’m also studying female fertility) which I CANNOT REMOVE, I’m sorry, especially to … Continue reading

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The Democrats need a new candidate

Hillary is unelectable and so is Sanders in the general, leaving the Democrats in a tight spot if Joe Biden does not get in, which is why I think he will. But the great Joe Biden has age, his son’s … Continue reading

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Hillary Completely Collapses

Hillary – “This is about my record, about women’s rights and a time for female leadership,” 2 months after cratering in the polls: Hillary – “I’ve thought about having Bill on the ticket.” Hillary to her staff – “Put Bill … Continue reading

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I’m for Gay Marriage and always have been…

The gay person denied marriage is denied a real life opportunity for happiness, while the opposition here, defends the right to dictate the behavior of others, in ceremonies they will not attend, at churches they need not attend, while living their married lives, with all it’s rights. Continue reading

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Obama stuns me

Most of you know I’m not a big fan of Obama’s and all of you know why, I think this Iranian deal is going to be a problem for the world. BUT, when he gets it right, I must admit, … Continue reading

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Who will leave Hillary first?

Any day now a major Democratic operative at the top of the Clinton campaign will jump ship and it might even be two. Crumbling numbers, mathematical impossibilities, answers so clearly scripted it’s like a Stepford wife has replaced Hillary, smiles … Continue reading

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