Gus Bauman is right, part II

TO MY BLOG READERS — I tried to put a picture of the Legion bridge with a lot of traffic here and instead got this fertility graph (I’m also studying female fertility) which I CANNOT REMOVE, I’m sorry, especially to Gus Bauman, who I’m sure is not co-mingling these topics.

A few weeks ago I wrote an apology to Gus Bauman about what a great Planning Board Chair he was (I editorialized against his appointment) and I also mentioned the important documents he has been circulating on the state of transportation and growth in the county and included his writings. Today the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board issued a statement, basically echoing everything Mr. Bauman said and detailing why the things he wants addressed are indeed necessary.

From the dirty rotten scoundrels at the Washington Post – “The economic competitiveness and growth of Northern Virginia is linked to the broader D.C. metropolitan region, and many workers who must cross jurisdictional boundaries to reach their jobs face a significant barrier at the Potomac River.”

From the CTB – “A recent study by Virginia transportation officials concluded that the American Legion Bridge, the 14th Street Bridge, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and the Metro tunnel at Rosslyn carry the highest numbers of daily travelers; almost 35 percent of all Virginians crossing the Potomac use Metrorail; 32 percent of the travelers on the Wilson Bridge are headed to destinations east of the D.C. metropolitan region; the Legion Bridge suffers from the worst congestion, with drivers travel between 40 and 60 percent of the posted speed limited during the evening rush hours; the Legion Bridge is expected to see the highest level of passenger growth between now and 2040; 36 percent of all users of Legion Bridge either start or end their trips in or near the Capital Beltway corridor.

Put another way, we NEED another Potomac River crossing, up from the Legion Bridge and we needed it 10 years ago,

From the CTB – “No single solution will address the cross-river travel problems. But the board considers the most pressing and immediate need is an improved Legion Bridge that extends express lanes north from the Virginia side of the Capital Beltway to the I-270 spur in Maryland.

Then they get to what they want to do, Gus should get involved here, I pray he does.

From the CTB – “The Office of Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne should initiate discussions with the state of Maryland regarding an improved Legion Bridge to determine interest in jointly developing a project. But the secretary’s office also should examine other possibilities, including additional river crossings to the west of the Legion Bridge and near the Rosslyn tunnel to enhance Metro service.”

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