I’m for Gay Marriage and always have been…

I’m for Gay Marriage and always have been…

From Politico – “Nearly three in four Americans say that when a conflict arises between religious convictions and the need to treat everyone equally under the law, the law should prevail, according to new results from an ABC News/Washington Post poll out Tuesday.

From a piece I wrote a little while ago — Gay marriage is a civil right the American people have accepted as such for some time, and the fact that states need to be unanimous in this, so as not to infringe unequally on the rights of gays living in areas where this isn’t popular, is obvious.

Heterosexual ONLY marriage advocates have no ground to stand on here, you can’t equally weigh the civil rights of a gay person denied marriage opportunity, to the civil rights claim of a person wanting their “definition” of marriage to remain exclusive. The gay person denied marriage is denied a real life opportunity for happiness, while the opposition here, defends the right to dictate the behavior of others, in ceremonies they will not attend, at churches they need not attend, while living their married lives, with all it’s rights. This was a no-brainer and the Supremes did what Congress and Bill Clinton dropped the ball on (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell), for years now.

The American public has this correct for my reasons listed above and one other – Religious fervor that isn’t love based, forgiving, and tolerant; is very dangerous and we’re reminded of that everyday by these messes in the world that are based in religious intolerance.

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