Hillary collapses, Sanders surges

In April of this year, on this blog, I declared Hillary’s candidacy dead in the water.

Considering her lead in the polls at that time I got a lot of heat from the Dems here in Montgomery County, who by and large, support her so blindly, I can’t think of what atrocity she would have to commit to undo that. But, I knew the rest of the country wasn’t as desperately liberal as MOCO and I was pretty sure her lies, lack of a coherent policy platform, scandals, penchant for secrecy and outright manipulation, would catch up with her.

Now the Washington Post (not a conservative newspaper) and ABC (not a conservative TV station) have published a new poll showing her support among Democratic women has PLUNGED nearly in half. I’ve excerpted a piece for you faithful 5 below. These stats are great for the country but are obviously very bad news for Hillary.

Thank God and good riddance, the last thing the United States needs right now is either a Clinton or a Bush back in the White House. They had their turn, they screwed things up royally, why the hell should we suffer another 4 or 8 years?

Washington Post — COLUMBUS, Ohio — Hillary Rodham Clinton is suffering rapid erosion of support among Democratic women — the voters long presumed to be her bedrock in her bid to become the nation’s first female president.

The numbers in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll are an alarm siren: Where 71 percent of Democratic-leaning female voters said in July that they expected to vote for Clinton, only 42 percent do now, a drop of 29 percentage points in eight weeks.

Ouch, even Nixon didn’t fall in the polls this fast, this hard. How humiliating that must be for Hillary, whose whole universe has centered on vilifying others while remaining in a position not to suffer the consequences of her lies – personally. That’s all changed, people know she lied and they are also catching on to how she has manipulated them.

Voters are smart, the Clintons thought they were smarter, but I didn’t.

Voters may not be 100% behind Sanders platform yet, but they like the man and his honesty. I also think Biden will get in as Hillary completely collapses and I think he will be a formidable opponent both in the primary (despite his late start) and in the general election. If the Democrats want to hold on to the White House past Obama, they need to coalesce around the VP and Bernie, because if Hillary has been weakened with Democratic women, that means she has no shot at attracting crossover Republican women or swing vote constituencies. She needed a huge liberal turnout dramatically in her favor to win — and I now consider that nearly impossible.


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