Obama may be a danger to America

According to a report from The Daily Beast, more than 50 intelligence analysts at Centcom have formally complained that reports on the Islamic State and the Nusra Front — Al Qaeda’s Syria branch — have been repeatedly altered by senior intelligence officials to fit with the Obama administration’s insistence that the US is winning the war against the two militant groups.

This, along with many other dubious decisions by Obama, has me terrified. If he’s willing to mess with the intel flow to pretend to the world that he’s winning against ISIL — to cover his string of mistakes against what he arrogantly dismissed as the “JV” team, he’s become the very dangerous, delusional President many have feared he had the potential to be.

I don’t think the next year will be pretty. Obama has a Chinese summit approaching and his teams plan for China, is a huge mess. ISIL is running Iraq and Al-Qaida would be running Afghanistan if the president of that country hadn’t come here and begged Obama to change his mind about withdrawing our troops.

Forget about Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the GCC countries, Israel and Russia, they all hate, mistrust and literally have no idea what Obama stands for, wants, or believes in and that is logical considering how often he’s changed direction, lied, covered up, and failed to show a reason for his decisions. His open support of Morsi and the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt was just one sign something is not right with his plan if indeed he has one.

The only country he seems to have made a complete deal with is Iran, a country committed to the destruction of the US and Israel because we’re not Muslim, and even if we were a majority Muslim nation, it probably wouldn’t be the exact brand of Islam they would respect. All of this, combined, makes this current intel situation very dangerous. Once a sitting president starts telling the intelligence community what to report, he’s on his way to usurping more power than authorized by the constitution.

Just for a second put yourself in the shoes of the 50 intelligence analysts who know what happens to people that do what they have done — and how worried they must be to risk their livelihood’s, their chosen profession; family support and reputations by signing such a letter.

If I were Boehner or any other important Republicans in power in this country right now, I would watch this president carefully, because although this is a very difficult thing for me to write, I’m no longer sure he’s on our side.


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