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Spain for Baltimore Mayor part III

A few of my friends have questioned me about my Pot, Progress, and Peace platform for the Mayor’s office in Baltimore, with the main emphasis on questioning the Pot stance. They question whether it really is a civil rights violation … Continue reading

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Spain for Baltimore Mayor part II

A more detailed look at my platform, which is Pot, Progress and Peace Pot – Civil rights are the foundation upon which all other law is built. The marijuana issue is more than a medical issue, it’s more than a … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton’s Bullshit

Former President Bill Clinton on Friday defending Hillary to CNN — “I have never seen so much expended on so little,” the former president said in an interview aired Sunday on CNN. “The other party doesn’t want to run against … Continue reading

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Russia is preparing for more war, wake up Obama

It’s hard to write my blog as I watch the news from around the world, because part of me wants to say “Things aren’t really that bad, the world has seen worse and survived.” But, I can also see hundreds … Continue reading

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We need more F-22 Raptors

We need more F-22 Raptors I could get into a long and complicated explanation of fighter aircraft theory about the importance of the E-M formula and “supercruise” ability plus “super stealth” but I won’t because this isn’t really a very … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Pope from George Washington!

I’m not an important person so you won’t see this, but I want to welcome you to Washington D.C. from the man who the city is named after. George Washington was a great genius, a man who in one lifetime; … Continue reading

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I’ve fallen in love with Rome

I’ve fallen in love with Rome… The $64,000 question for economists, politicians and business leaders is all the same one; how to create high real gdp growth (5%+) without excessive debt, excessive environmental damage and/or war. The following theory is … Continue reading

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The Iranian Nuclear Deal Whip Count

In politics when you lose, the best thing to do frankly, is move on. Every now and again, maybe every 10 years or so however, the other side makes a mistake so large, with such huge long range repercussions, that … Continue reading

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Our President is a fool

So a Muslim student takes apart an alarm clock (which is exactly what bombers do) and reinstalls it in a case, which made it look EXACTLY like a homemade bomb, and when he takes it to school, the authorities, fearing … Continue reading

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The next big crash will be Bonds

Among my friends and the faithful 5 I have been talking and writing about a deflationary spiral for some time now and I thought I would explain this a little more today. Economics can be really complex — but doesn’t … Continue reading

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