What a Miraculous day for Turkey

Readers of my blog know I’m no fan of Turkey’s president Erdogan and I’ll be honest, I was pretty sure he was going to rig the elections there to give himself a needed 66% super-majority so he could change the constitution in ways — I was very opposed too — and now; low-and-behold, a miracle has happened.

Eighty-six percent of the voters in Turkey went to the polls yesterday and handed Erdogan a stunning defeat, they pushed his party behind these bogus constitutional changes down below 50% in parliament, dooming this “Presidential Power” plan that would have installed him as a dictator over the next few years. Not only isn’t this the end of the Turkish parliament, that body just got way more interesting.

Rather than rehash the horrors of what this parliament did leading up to this election, (under Erdoğan’s thumb) including some outrageous stuff to cover up a huge financial scandal, which I’m very confident (and apparently so are the Turkish people) that Erdogan (and his son) were behind, I’ll refer you to my earlier blog pieces detailing this mess when you’ve got the time and want some extra boring background.

Today, instead of looking at that old garbage — we should focus on this courageous new Kurdish Party; which has already announced their intention NOT to participate in a coalition — so as to better form an “honest opposition.”

I love these guys.

The Kurds are playing their cards right all over the world. They are a stabilizing force in Iraq where there are no others. They’ve patiently bided their time on independence, for fear of alarming Turkey, and they’ve protected their own and managed a wonderful little regional government.

Inside Turkey, this particular group of Kurds — that have appealed far beyond their ethnic group for support — are really an inspiration to America; as we have forgotten what independence is, both it’s essence it seems, and certainly it’s cost. Instead of this jaded view I’m faced with here everyday, I find this surprising election very refreshing.

My hats off to these young and old people, that are risking all — while playing by the rules, to win freedom. This is a great victory for them, because their vote total of 12% is over the 10% party inclusion line for parliamentary parties, the opposition will finally have a voice and a powerful one. This is a giant step for Turkey, the region and the world.

Thank God, we needed some good news.


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