The president appears on Israeli TV

The president appears on Israeli TV

The president, ala Woodrow Wilson, has gone to ground and went on Israeli television this week to explain the Iranian deal from his viewpoint, which is the same viewpoint he’s been pushing here, his deal is better, why doesn’t everyone just see that?

If you read this blog, you know I think this deal stinks for a thousand reasons and should be trashed completely — but I like to be fair and offer the readers something other than my tired old views, so here is an excerpt from the Times of Israeli. This guy is a moderate, Obama should listen.

BY DAVID HOROVITZ June 3, 2015 – “What you so evidently haven’t fully internalized, however, is the extent to which we Israelis in the middle ground — the non-zealots, the ones who don’t want to annex the West Bank and subvert our democracy, and who don’t want a single binational entity between the river and the sea that puts an end to Jewish statehood — have been battered by recent history, and continue to be battered by the events unfolding all around us.”

Horovitz continues, with more authority than I could muster: “You seek to assure us that this deal with Iran is in our own best interests when we know that Iran — which almost daily calls for our destruction — will paint any agreement as a victory and a vindication, and will utilize that ostensible victory to step up its efforts to harm us, via terrorism and via its proxy armies in Lebanon and Gaza, while also continuing to do its utmost to cheat and bully its way to the bomb.”

He then concludes: “We know that the deal will cement this bleakest of regimes in power in Tehran, and that it was your negotiators who blinked, who never forced the regime to choose between survival and its nuclear program, when the financial leverage was available to impose that choice.”

There was more but why bother quoting it, this message is very clear, Obama went directly to the people of Israel with this interview and not only wasn’t it a transformative moment for him, he’s lost credibility — if that’s possible — with the Israeli people even more. 

Please Mr. President; stop listening to these J Street liberal Jews that are getting you trounced with the Jewish middle, and save yourself, save your presidency, save your credibility, reach out to AIPAC for advice, get some competent help in your inner circle — and use this opportunity with Kerry down and Sherman leaving the team to redirect your entire focus on this bad, bad, Iranian nuclear deal.

To pull this off you need to beg Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp to serve her country as interim Secretary of State, stop giving interviews which demonstrate to the world how naïve and childish the genesis of your policies really are — and then let this smart Heitkamp woman become your advisor and counselor on foreign affairs, rather than Kerry the delusional. You are out of time and rope Mr. President.

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