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What a week for the Constitution!

Followers of the blog, my faithful five, know I’m a stickler for the Constitution, seeing it rightfully as a great document, one literally for the ages, the living and beating heart – of a powerful but flexible compact between the … Continue reading

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I know Exactly what to do about ISIL

Originally posted on karlspain:
By Karl Spain They say there are no easy answers in the Middle East and that we have a long bitter battle ahead, and with no strategy outlined by the President or even the State Department.…

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An open letter to Joe Biden on Father’s Day, or, save the Druze

This is a hard letter for me to pen to you, since the passing of your beloved son is still so fresh. I wish I had words of comfort, but what written expression can ever sooth a wound so deep, … Continue reading

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An open letter to Jeff Bezos

It was announced this week that one of the companies you own, The Gazette Newspapers would be closing next week. According to reports from staffers at the meeting where Stephen Hills, (a Washington Post Executive) announced the closing, the newspaper … Continue reading

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Our Shiny Constitutional Coin

I’m guilty of thinking I know what’s right for the country — way too often. Although I’ve respected our Constitutional Democracy all my cognitive life, I never really understood it – until I realized what I think is good for … Continue reading

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The Gazette is Closing

For most of my life I was a newspaperman. I took pictures, wrote stories, edited stories, managed the staff and owned or ran several different newspapers, which competed fiercely with the Gazette. Although I hated the Gazette in every way … Continue reading

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Baltimore Blues

Without opinion I will just list some recent facts about Baltimore. The murder rate in the street has skyrocketed, breaking a 25 year old record last month, (42, the most since 1990) is on pace to break another record this … Continue reading

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What I hope for in a presidential candidate

   1. Incorruptible. Not just good at denying obvious and deep corruption (Hillary Clinton), corrupt but not examined yet (Martin O’Malley), or corrupt and blaming others (Chris Christie). Donald Trump fails here as badly as Hillary, but from the opposite … Continue reading

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The White House disconnect from reality — Part II

Today president Obama scolded the Supreme Court for taking up a case “they shouldn’t have”, meaning Obamacare, and then went on to say that if by some strange chance they do rule against him, Congress should provide him with a … Continue reading

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What a Miraculous day for Turkey

Readers of my blog know I’m no fan of Turkey’s president Erdogan and I’ll be honest, I was pretty sure he was going to rig the elections there to give himself a needed 66% super-majority so he could change the … Continue reading

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