Great News, Sherman’s March is over

Great News, Sherman’s March is over

I feel bad writing a column celebrating the end of someone’s political career, but in this case, you the faithful five, need this data.

Wendy Sherman isn’t just a diplomat, she’s the THE diplomat that negotiated a deal with North Korea, that led directly to their construction of a nuclear bomb, and somehow, against all common sense and logic, she also got the job of negotiating president Obama’s deal with the Iranians. Which in and of itself may not have turned out badly, if she hadn’t gone native and actually written a series of articles in the NYT, agreeing to Iranian hegemony in the region.

Of course, neither Sherman nor Kerry, our delusional Secretary of State who is ostensibly Sherman’s boss, ever bothered to check with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan or the rest of the GCC allies – about whether or not they thought Iranian hegemony was such a great idea. The result of these miscues and others (withdrawal prematurely of war forces in Iraq) is a destabilization of the region which is teetering on widespread regional warfare.

But, right here, right now, at the finish line, she’s out. 

Here is the Reuters piece.

Head — Wendy Sherman will leave the State Department


WASHINGTON — The chief U.S. negotiator in Iran nuclear talks, Wendy Sherman, will leave the State Department shortly after the June 30 deadline for the talks between Tehran and six major powers to reach agreement, the New York Times said on Wednesday.

Sherman made her intentions known before leaving for Vienna and Geneva for a last round of talks aimed at securing curbs on Iran’s nuclear program in return for lifting sanctions that have crippled the country’s economy, the newspaper said.

“It’s been two long years,” the Times quoted Sherman as saying, referring to the protracted and intensely complex discussions with the Iranians that began with secret talks between the two long-time foes.

Sherman is under secretary of state for political affairs at the State Department.” 

Normally I would say something stupid like how could a negotiator with 2 years in on a deal leave the table at the most critical and final stage — but I know the answer — they never would unless, they were being removed.

Thank god for this removal, she was a huge problem, as I detailed in many pieces calling for her resignation, and I wouldn’t even bother bringing any of this up – except they need to replace her with a completely different type of person. 

And they don’t have much time. 

They should ask Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp to step in, she’d be the splash of common sense, cold water and realism that Kerry and his team so desperately need. I know she’s busy and she’s a Senator and all that but what she really is – is smart – and boy could the WH team use smart in this Iranian mess right now.


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