The liberal, loony, leftist NYT to O’Malley’s rescue

The liberal, loony, leftist NYT to O’Malley’s rescue

While governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley famously let a street crime gang (the Black Guerilla Family) take control of Baltimore’s jail, which he as governor controlled before letting the BGF take over, because the state does most of the municipal services normally done by cities. Not so in super liberal Maryland — the other counties pay for Baltimore’s jail, buses, light rail, airport, police, fire, stadiums, you name it, it’s subsidized or completely paid for by the state instead of Baltimore.

How does the NYT, desperate for a liberal presidential candidate not burning in the ashes of multiple scandals present the worst Governor Maryland has had in decades?

Do they mention a Republican that needed 30% of the Democratic vote in Maryland to win; directly followed him into office over his hand picked, groomed protege? No! 

Did they even mention the Black Guerilla Family presence on the streets during the riots and the Intel police had received they intended to kill a cop? No!

The idiotic, liberal loony NYT did, in fact, as I’ve shown below, actually call him “…a tough-on-crime-center-left official,” instead.

From the NYT – “Mr. O’Malley is banging the drum hard on his opposition to the deal. But he was also a supporter of Mrs. Clinton and a tough-on-crime center-left official himself, and he had some supportive words for the trade pact early on.”

They’re not content to just mislead or leave out important facts at the NYT anymore, wholesale fabrication has become necessary to sell this liberal agenda and they appear ready to do it.



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