An Avalanche of Lies on Obamacare

An Avalanche of Lies on Obamacare

The NYT version of this story, and the president’s, and the liberal loonies in Congress — is that the Supreme Court should ignore those 4 precious words in the Obamacare law exempting states from Obamacare reimbursement — that do not set up their own health care exchanges. The logic being, (I’m not making this up) it was just a mistake, the Supreme Court should overlook it. 

What a stupid and massive lie; stupid because it will offend the Supremes, and massive because it hurts millions of people. 

Mistakes do happen in legislation and the solution followed by politicians since the founding of this country is the same, you change the law to make it right.

But the liberals and the president can’t do that. They shoehorned, bribed, intimidated and corralled every Democratic vote on this unhealthy piece of legislation and they can’t re-open that door because the Republicans (not one vote for it!), the American people, and even a lot of the Democrats who voted for it originally (those still around) would never do it again.

This is not Social Security or Medicaid which the Republicans voted for (don’t just say that isn’t true — look it up) and still support and have therefore changed hundreds of times over the years. This Obamacare debacle was a partisan piece of legislative garbage from the outset, poorly thought out, a mostly political piece of legislation that should never have passed and will probably now fail Supreme Court muster. 

Don’t worry though, the Democratic answer to this problem will please you — if you are already in support of this stupid bill – the Obama WH policy team will just attack the Supreme Court, those closet racists. In Obama’s deluded world at the moment, everybody that doesn’t agree with him is a racist. He had the mandate from the American people to stop this name-calling and instead of doing that — he has chosen to make it worse.

Obama has done this repulsive thing at the cost of black lives and now health insurance for millions of poor folk, black and white, who need it.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a change of direction or apology though, you might pass out and need your health insurance! If you are wondering HOW to really fix all this, just read the statements coming from Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s office. She’s had a list of solutions for these problems ready for months; she just can’t get Obama on the phone line or on her team. What a shame, she’s the real thing.


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