AIPAC’s Brilliance shines

AIPAC’s Brilliance shines

During the pissing fight over Netanyahu’s speech, AIPAC was silent.

During the aftermath when Netanyahu said what everybody already knows, AIPAC was silent.

Now the president, bowing to the realities of a world he poorly understands, is telling AIPAC what they want to hear, because they never asked to hear it. We better keep the Israeli’s as allies; they’re definitely the smartest politicians in the Middle East. We should borrow the AIPAC strategist for our dealings with the Chinese and maybe the Yuan and the South Chine Sea won’t be the cause of WWIII.

From todays Haaretz – “Members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party last night expressed satisfaction with Barack Obama’s speech and said that the president’s remarks were prompted by the forceful stand taken by the prime minister.

“The wisdom and determination of the prime minister and the dividends that they yielded were evident in President Obama’s speech,” said MK Carmel Shama-Hacohen. “President Obama gave an explicit, emphatic ‘no’ to the ’67 lines and Hamas [while expressing] boundless support for the State of Israel as a Jewish and a democratic state whose security is ensured.”

Likud MK Danny Danon said that “Obama must understand that Israel will not pay the price for his tuition as he gets caught up to speed on the essence of the conflict. Obama is zigzagging in accordance with whatever position will give him more votes while justifying his Nobel Prize. We must stand strong in order to ensure that this will not be on account of the state of Israel.”

I’m pretty sure with AIPAC managing the Chinese talks instead of delusional Kerry, we could get the Chinese to lease us the Spratly sand bars, (now islands) in the South China Sea instead of warring over them.

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