The Democratic Party “Piggyback” Failure in Maryland

The Democratic Party “Piggyback” Failure in Maryland.

First the Democratic Party in Maryland pushed this crazy “Piggyback” tax down our throats, and didn’t even get thrown out of office, because it effected mostly the wealthy, and since the Democratic Party has been solidly in power for decades now — and raising everything that resembles a tax — those rich people have been fleeing the state. Fewer people to object, fewer people that vote. 

But it was unconstitutional of course, and today (big surprise!) it was actually ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States. Democratic politicians in Maryland will lie to you again, and say this was a mistake, but please consider the fact that Maryland’s own highest court, populated with judges appointed by Democrats, has already ruled it was unconstitutional as well. When they hold their press conferences and weep over this unfair ruling – remember that fact – it’s proof you are being manipulated. Why are they lying to us? The answer below.

This means Maryland will have to give back $120 million it already collected and stop collecting more. The Democratic machine is already hard at work distorting these facts and blaming the new Republican Governor for withholding money from Baltimore schools. The same Baltimore schools already paying just a small fraction of their way. The same Baltimore schools with 50% occupancy rates (still left open only for political purposes) and the same schools with the worst performance records in the state.

Baltimore is broke, corrupt, and only knows one routine to get more money, falsely shame and blame the knee jerk white liberal legislators in the richer surrounding counties into sending them more money.

They don’t pay for their bus system,, light rail, libraries, schools, police and fire personnel, in Baltimore, the rest of Maryland does. The list goes on and on. And what do the headlines gushed by liberal Democratic reporters and Editors say, instead of the truth? “Hogan slashes school funding.”

Wake up Maryland, you are being misled by the Democratic Party here in your state and if you don’t clean out these old corrupt party bosses, you’ll have to watch the state continue to descend into poverty, joblessness and poorly educated youngsters more intent on lighting Baltimore City on fire, than lighting a productive fire within themselves.




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