Arab Summit crashes Iranian nuclear deal

Arab Summit crashes Iranian nuclear deal.

Before you go to bed tonight, you should hit your knees and thank the lord you live in a country created by George Washington, one of the most intelligent humans who ever lived.

His ability to peer deep into the future and carefully set up systems that can bend themselves practically into a pretzel and them Zip! Out comes another solution from a 250-year-old set of principles that proves once again just how smart he and the other considerable heavyweights on the Founding Father Team were.

Team Obama has had a very bad year and have gotten the United States into a bad pickle in the Middle East. In any other country that would have been a world changing disaster, possibly leading to a nuclear escalation in the worst place it could happen, between Iran and Saudi Arabia. But our checks and balances system has slowly ground out a correct compromise.

Read the CNN statement below and then go listen to the Obama press conference on CNN afterward.

From CNN — “A joint statement delivered at the end of the gathering declared that the U.S. will continue to “deter and confront external aggression against our allies and partners, as we did in the Gulf War,” and that the U.S. Is ready (sic) would work with them to determine an appropriate response in the face of such aggression, “including the potential use of military force.”

The GCC and Saudi Arabia brought the President a strong message. Enough of this crap about giving Iran a nuke; enough with this immature whining by your press agents, White House staff, Secretary Kerry and even the president that Iran’s activities outside of these negotiations don’t matter. Of course they do and the Arab states demanded he say it – and he did.

The President completely capitulated. In the press conference after the confab he did a complete 180 and has now done the smartest thing possible, he’s blaming the Iranians and making it clear their behavior outside of this agreement – and invasive inspections; will be a condition of any agreement he brings forward. Thank God. He said the magic words; Libya, Yemen, Syria, and also said the magic thought – they ARE connected.

You can thank thank Cardin-Corker if you want, or the Arab leaders, or even Obama (better late than never) but I’m going up to Mount Vernon soon, have a sandwich on the lawn down near the Potomac, and thank the man who really pulled this off; George Washington.


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