The big Clinton and Obama deceit

The big Clinton and Obama deceit.

According to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in a long stream of speeches, press releases and policy papers leading up to and then after the election — the problem with U.S. foreign relations under President Bush – was Bush himself. He was a bastard in their view that didn’t understand our enemies or our allies and was causing the world to hate us, and not work with us.

Hillary has been asked about her greatest achievement as Secretary of State and she actually answered that changing that bad impression was her single greatest accomplishment. Of course she didn’t elaborate on where she had accomplished that since the Russian re-set she and Barack cooked up is now looking like the set-up for WWIII and the Arab states they wanted improved relations with – who were our allies under Bush – won’t even come to the U.S. for Obama’s Arab Summit this week.

In other words, things have gone from O.K. to horrible all over the world. The liberal media in America would be screaming for Hillary and Obama’s head, if the media wasn’t so blind, co-opted, liberal themselves and of course, ridiculously inexperienced. It’s like they took every college kid in America that was in love with Obama and then the major newspapers and media outlets of the world gave them all a position to write naïve, superficial and mostly glowing reports on the work of the Obama administration which has been sloppy, poorly thought out, contradictory and even flat wrong.

Where has this led us as a nation? The answer is below and it’s very dangerous.

From the news wire – “The Russian Foreign Ministry also blamed the U.S. for the ongoing civil war in Ukraine.”

“The Obama administration chose the path of scaling back bilateral relations, proclaimed a course of isolating Russia on the international arena and demanded that those states that traditionally follow the lead of Washington support its confrontational steps,” it said in a statement.

This of course is all a gigantic lie, everybody knows the Obama administration did not start the war in Ukraine and desperately wanted to scale UP bilateral relations with Russia — they couldn’t do it credibly anymore after Clinton’s early attempts because Putin was invading his neighbors.

Just what that “bastard” Bush thought they would do if he had treated them the way Hillary and Obama have.

Republicans are not meanies and stupid like Hillary and Obama claim, they just aren’t so naïve they can be talked into knifing this countries long standing friends and empowering our enemies, like Iran, Russia, and Cuba. I don’t think the American people signed on for all this and I think they’re scared and they should be.

The Democrats might leave us in a war in Europe and with one raging in every American city as well. The sooner we dust our feet from this disastrous experiment with radical liberalism through the Clinton and Obama paradigm the better; 2017 can’t get here soon enough.

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