The Democratic Party failed Baltimore, not the whites…

This coming election in 2016 will be the worst for the Democratic Party in modern times.

I expect the final count to look like this, the Dems will lose the White House, and control of both houses of Congress will remain in Republican hands — and even some more major State houses and governorships will continue to leave the Democratic column and go Republican.

This astounding failure by a party that has dominated American politics since the end of WWII is the result of several large concurrent factors the Democratic Party leaders don’t even see.

The first and most serious problem the party has is economics. The party’s solutions to inner city poverty, crime and poor education have all failed miserably and no amount of lying in the media by leftist minded columnists could possibly change that. The suburbs of American cities like Baltimore aren’t fooled by the president’s ridiculous blame for this problem on white America and racism. Do you think the hundreds of thousands of white (and black) parents in Montgomery County Maryland where I live don’t know that billions of tax dollars have been siphoned from our schools, transportation system, and social programs, to support Baltimore schools; Baltimore light rail, Baltimore firefighters, and Baltimore social programs? 

The Mayor’s father, “Pete” Rawlings and I personally had many screaming matches about these very points over a pint in Annapolis, which I thought I won logically but that he clearly won in the General Assembly where he got his way almost universally and re-set every education formula in the state so dramatically that now counties like mine — that desperately want to spend more on schools – cannot even do that! 

That’s right, the liberal Democrats in Maryland including some from our own county delegation voted in a law that requires “maintenance of effort” by local school jurisdictions. Translation: they can’t spend what’s needed and now Montgomery County’s school kids get only 2/3 of the school funding per pupil, per year, that they used to. That is a reduction from approximately $15,000 per student per year down to $10,000 per student per year. Why no stink about this in the press and the media?

We have a very popular black County Executive, Ike Leggit, a good man and a good friend, but his silence and complicity on this is damning.

That’s right, the liberal Democrats in Montgomery County didn’t just fail to fix Baltimore with billions in dollars from the surrounding richer suburbs, they also ruined their own school systems through vicious budget cutting. That’s why the whites have fled the public schools — even here in Montgomery County — and use private schools in ever growing numbers. This is horribly expensive alternative since these mostly white parents also have to continue to pay taxes for a broken Montgomery County School system they don’t use for their kids, and the broken schools in Baltimore — that no one uses, not even the blacks (Total graduation rates under 10% in some city schools) and all the social cost associated with such a massive failure to even teach basic skills. 

But President Obama and his mouthpieces like the Reverend Al Sharpton could have covered this racial school disaster up, if they hadn’t stepped on the next land mine with such force. The liberals, blacks, and every fringe group in the Democratic Party is doing their level best to chase every Jewish voter and supporter of the party out the door.

Support Israel? They’re trying to let Iran build a nuclear bomb, have interfered in the Israeli election, have leaked secret Mossad data, have basically blamed the Middle East debacle on the Jews! This is exactly like blaming Baltimore’s failing school system after 30 years of black leadership in the city — on the whites. A few dyed in the wool liberals will hang on and believe this stuff like the idiots at J Street — because thirty years ago before the suburbs bankrupted their schools to pour billions into Baltimore’s social system of corruption, that kind of anti-Israel and anti-white rhetoric had power.

Today everyone knows these are bald-faced lies. The black leadership in Baltimore is the problem and the Arab world’s refusal to accept Israel as a neighbor and stop firing rockets, thousands a year, into their country, is the other problem.

Americans understand this now. Even presidential candidate Ben Carson, a black man, a neurosurgeon and a hero to the black community knows the liberal rhetoric is a lie, he knows you can’t fail to educate black children, and then get an uneducated thug who hates whites a productive job. He also knows the president and his aides are dead wrong about Israel and he knows that driving the Jewish vote from the Democratic party will help him, a Republican candidate, and about this – he’s prescient.

But even turning on the whites who helped elect him as Obama has done, and driving the Jews out of the Democratic Party, all by themselves, would not have been enough to cause the shift I’m predicting. The other problem the Democratic Party has is corruption.

Democratic party leaders like Hillary Clinton and Obama come from a culture of elitism, a culture of Ivy league liberalism that looks down upon the less fortunate and doesn’t even recognize not only how corrupt the entire “rescue” platform is, but don’t see how transparent that is to the rest of us. Does Hillary really think she can scream at others for decades about following the rules and then so blatantly flaunt them herself — and this won’t be seen? Of course it’s seen and how do I know?

In Maryland, where the Democrats out number the Republicans by 2 to 1 — we had a black candidate for Governor, who was a Democrat and had a clean resume — and he was beat by a white Republican car dealer with no government experience whatsoever. How is that possible? I’ll tell you, 28% of the Democrats in Maryland voted for him. And what happened here in Maryland will happen worse in this next election not only here but all over America, and it isn’t white racism propelling the collapse of the Democratic Party, it’s years of poorly thought out, corrupt, and inefficient economic, education and governance policies that are such a collective failure, even the Democrats don’t support them anymore.



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    This is what Trump is talking about — and it’ been true since Trump himself was a child. If the Black electorate wants true power, they have to switch sides, to the concept of splitting your vote, only swing voters get real action from any political system.

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