Is EMP a real risk or hype?

You need to know the answer to that because you are going to hear a lot of nonsense from both sides in the following weeks in the news cycle and I thought it best to educate my faithful five on the issue.

An EMP is a nuclear warhead, designed to put out a large Electromagnetic pulse instead of a large heat or blast wave. This pulse will travel through the surrounding environment like a huge radio wave, and all things electronic, which are essentially radio wave conductors and/or amplifiers, get swamped by this wave and small circuitry can fry right on the chip or board and larger circuitry is even vulnerable, especially within a certain radius of the actual EMP wave, which is a form of light therefore line of sight. Hence a high atmospheric explosion of this type, is much more effective and disables a far bigger area than a typical nuclear warhead. One typical urban myth about this is that electronic devices not turned on, will not be harmed. This is not true.

I bring all this up because there is a front page Wall Street Journal article today announcing that the military has re-opened Cheyenne Mountain and is running NORAD there again out of an escalating fear of an EMP strike.

For an EMP strike to be plausible you would need 3 things. The first is a plausibly enough funded adversary and we have many. The second is for them to have such a weapon either under development or in their arsenal and finally they need a delivery system. Here it gets a little fuzzy.

Certainly the Russians have the weapon and the capability and at the moment, a leadership problem as well. Truth is, we built that mountain complex to protect from their nuclear program and it is probably still the greatest threat. North Korea I don’t think has the weapon or the capability to put it in orbit despite what this article below says.. The problem is, Putin has been making nice with North Korea and where do you think the North Koreans get all their nuclear and rocket technology? That’s right, the Russians and the Chinese. So, that’s not a good answer really and the answer for Iran is much worse.

I’ve excerpted a little material from Newsmax, which basically reprinted the WSJ piece, quote for quote, so it’s pretty good stuff. Note that Iran (and according to them North Korea) has practiced orbiting a satellite in the trajectory optimal for such a weapon, That is scary shit and if the president knows this and is still pushing this Iranian treaty, he’s lost his mind.

First the announcement that NORAD is back in Cheyenne.

From Newsmax — The potential of a devastating attack to the US power grid by nuclear states such as North Korea or Iran has prompted the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to return to its former location inside Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, Colorado, two former Reagan-era government officials write in The Wall Street Journal.

“Why the return?” write Henry F. Cooper and Peter Vincent Pry. “Because the enormous bunker in the hollowed-out mountain, built to survive a Cold War-era nuclear conflict, can also resist an electromagnetic-pulse attack, or EMP.”

 Then they get to the really frightening information about the satellite tests to get around and evade our satellite detection systems.

From Newsmax — In the Journal, Cooper and Pry reiterate that “Iran should be regarded as already having nuclear missiles capable of making an EMP attack against the U.S.,” noting, “Iran and North Korea have successfully orbited satellites on South-Polar trajectories that appear to practice evading U.S. missile defenses, and at optimum altitudes to make a surprise EMP attack.”

 Here we come to the part I know something about. Namely that we need to change our grid, make it less vulnerable and also easy to plug solar into, which doesn’t appear to be a defense priority on the surface, but really is.

 A large solar array stretched across the southern states that generated a third of the country’s electricity needs would also be invulnerable to such an attack. Where is Congress on this? Read the nonsense below and weep. Damn that Harry Reid, may he suffer the infamy he deserves for what he’s done to this country.

From Newsmax — “In recent years, the GRID Act, the Shield Act, and the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act have gained bipartisan and even unanimous support in the House, yet they died in the Senate,” they write.

One result, Cooper and Pry write, is that states have been left to seek solutions on their own.

 If you think that last sentence is as scary as I do, get on the phone, call Senator Ben Cardin; tell him you want this changed. All 3 of these bills should be out of Congress and men and women should be out in the field doing this work. Now.

 It’s fine for the military to survive in Cheyenne Mountain but I would appreciate it — if the rest of us got a base level of protection for our electric grid as well.






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