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Obama gets a break, paging Dr. Heitkamp

Obama gets a break, paging Dr. Heitkamp I know it’s not polite to cheer at another’s misfortune but John Kerry as Secretary of State at this time in history scares me. He took a fall, broke a leg, needs convalescence, … Continue reading

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Great News, Sherman’s March is over

Great News, Sherman’s March is over I feel bad writing a column celebrating the end of someone’s political career, but in this case, you the faithful five, need this data. Wendy Sherman isn’t just a diplomat, she’s the THE diplomat … Continue reading

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An Avalanche of Lies on Obamacare

An Avalanche of Lies on Obamacare The NYT version of this story, and the president’s, and the liberal loonies in Congress — is that the Supreme Court should ignore those 4 precious words in the Obamacare law exempting states from … Continue reading

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Black on black homicide explodes

Black on black homicide explodes The cities of Baltimore and Chicago are probably going to break all killing records this month – if, as of this writing — they already haven’t. This is what happens when those “racist pig cops” … Continue reading

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The liberal, loony, leftist NYT to O’Malley’s rescue

The liberal, loony, leftist NYT to O’Malley’s rescue While governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley famously let a street crime gang (the Black Guerilla Family) take control of Baltimore’s jail, which he as governor controlled before letting the BGF take over, … Continue reading

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Obama is Losing

Obama is Losing “I don’t think we’re losing,” Obama said in an interview with news magazine The Atlantic published just last week, in fact the article was published as the strategic and important Iraqi city of Ramadi was overrun by … Continue reading

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Boston University Funding Cut

Boston University Funding Cut If a major university employed white racists who used the media, their professional platform and social media to insult, degrade, and target blacks or any other minority; the government would cut their share of all federal … Continue reading

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AIPAC’s Brilliance shines

AIPAC’s Brilliance shines During the pissing fight over Netanyahu’s speech, AIPAC was silent. During the aftermath when Netanyahu said what everybody already knows, AIPAC was silent. Now the president, bowing to the realities of a world he poorly understands, is … Continue reading

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Hillary is not presidential timber

Hillary is not presidential timber To Diane Sawyer, when she was answering questions from the “Press.” “My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I’m glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of … Continue reading

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Stephanopoulos vs Metzker

Stephanopoulos vs Metzker There are two kinds of journalists, those that sell their souls, bend their minds and will toward the power structure for — money, fame and power themselves; and those that understand they are the voice of the … Continue reading

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