The Iranians are criminals and if we deal with them, we are criminals

WaPo the movie, or, Night of the Editorially Dead

If this story was a movie it would win a thumbs down for an unrealistic plot line that made no sense because real powerful people in the world don’t behave this idiotically. Except when it’s the Editor’s, staff and owners of the Washington Post that abandoned Jason Rezaian (their reporter) to a prison in Iran. 

They did this, very ludicrous and unethical thing, to give cover to an administration badly out of control on this Iranian deal. The president made it clear he didn’t want any other considerations brought in and if that meant alienating Israel, Netanyahu, Sisi and Egypt, the King of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC, the Republicans, the Jewish wing of the Democratic Party, well then, that’s how it was going to be.

And pretty much the liberal loony left like the Wapo Obama boot licking machine they are, fell in line and only rarely brought up inconvenient truths like the fact that Iran was holding innocent (according to the Obama officials, they’re innocent!) American citizens and also have an American journalist in a notorious torture prison.

Or that they were shipping arms too, and fomenting civil war in, Yemen; formally a foreign affairs Obama success story. 

Or that they repeatedly lied to, delayed, coerced and negotiated in bad faith in front of the whole world while only one lonely delusional soul, John Kerry, didn’t see it. 

Finally the Washington Post broke down. Maybe the president signaled his acquiescence, maybe they grew a heart (unlikely in liberals), or maybe it was their collective conscience panging them every night as they wrote glowing story after story about the president’s heroic efforts to change Iran and the world, while they ate dinner in fancy D.C. restaurants and Jason sat alone in his cell, without a lawyer, without charges, without contact, just waiting to be executed for something he knew he didn’t do, whatever it was they made up — he was sure he wasn’t guilty of any crime against his twin adopted countries of Iran or the United States.

This beautiful man they arrested and have scared for life and the Post did nothing.

Until last week.

They decided to bring pressure and guess what?

Nine months later and we finally have some answers.

They are lame answers. They are typical Iranian double-talk but they tell us all we need to know. The Iranians made this up and if the Post or the President had opened their mouths nine months ago, he’d be free by now.

Wait until you read this crap from the Post below, it’s a riot. They charged a man with espionage, a death sentence offense, because he asked a Visa official, for a Visa, for his wife.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, speaking at New York University, said an “overzealous low-level operative” may have tried to “take advantage” of Jason Rezaian, The Post’s Tehran bureau chief who has been imprisoned in Iran for more than nine months. Although Zarif provided no more specifics on the identity of an alleged operative, he said people seeking U.S. visas for themselves or relatives are vulnerable.

“The fact is, there are people who take advantage of the needs of some people who try to get a visa to come to the United States, or for their wives to come to the United States, and make demands that are illegal and dangerous and damaging to the professionalism of a journalist,” he said. 

Rezaian, 39, is a dual U.S-Iranian citizen who was raised in California. His wife of two years, Yeganeh Salehi, is an Iranian citizen. She was arrested with him last July and has been released on bail until trial. 

These people are criminals and if we make a deal with them we are criminals.

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    I re-post this from 6 months ago to honor Jason, who was falsely CONVICTED by the Iranians this week. How is this possible I ask, with the same Iranian “leaders” Obama JUST made a deal with? How? How?

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