That shameful dirty rag The Washington Post Part 5

That shameful dirty rag The Washington Post Part 5

It’s breath taking. The WaPo knuckleheads have zero, I mean zero; shame.

For months every sane voice in the world has been crying;

“How can you make a nuclear pact with a country holding our citizens?” 

And the WaPo editorial staff, dizzy in love with the Commander in Chief, has been dutifully reporting every lie he and his WH staff have told concerning this deal – while conspicuously saying almost nothing about their own employee held in a notorious torture prison.

I myself have written countless blog pieces on this apparent hole in the administrations thinking to no avail. Just last week the President’s own press team weakly and lamely attempted to insist once again that the Nuclear deal was off limits and not tied to any other considerations.

The overnight from the news feed on that press disaster must have landed a big stinky turd on the inside poll number the President studies every morning before he reads the intelligence briefing, because look out folks, here’s a news flash…

This just in. The Editors have gotten religion down in WaPo loony land, now that Obama has decided he’s going to make an issue out of the kidnapping of an American citizen by the Iranian government — nine months after his capture (it can’t be called an arrest, no charges, no lawyers, no contact, it’s a legal kidnapping) The Washington Post is finally fighting for his release!

Wahoo, that will really scare those Ayatollah’s now, what with how tough Obama and WaPo has been on them — up until now.

But I underestimate the power of the press. This should really help, the New York Post just noticed he was kidnapped also, here’s their orchestrated trumpet call.

“The Washington Post last week launched a new campaign to win the freedom of its Tehran bureau chief, Jason Reziain, who’s been held in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison for nine months.

Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) backed the #freejason drive with a joint statement: “The Obama administration should demand Mr. Rezaian’s immediate release along with all other Americans wrongfully imprisoned in Iran prior to concluding a nuclear deal with this brutal regime.”

Those other Americans include Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedino and Bob Levinson.

Things just got worse for Rezaian: Iran charged him with espionage, “collaborating with hostile governments” and “propaganda against the establishment.” If convicted, he faces 10 to 20 years in prison.” 

Notice anything strange here? Republicans are bringing the fight, not the president, the article has the sentencing all wrong, they will execute him if they “convict” him of espionage — and then the president and the idiots running the Post will both have more blood on their hands.

The WaPo phonies (not real newspaper people, obviously) didn’t even have the decency to apologize for not fighting harder, earlier, and with objectivity and distance from this administration.

They are so blind to what their duty is as a newspaper; they don’t even understand this apparently improved position, even now, stinks to high heaven. They think cooperating with this president is good for the world, America, and their reporter. None of that is true.

No newspaper should ever cooperate with any president or his administration. They shouldn’t be standing in the light, sharing power and getting stars in their eyes, that’s the kind of bullshit stupid people (with lots of money) buy into newspapers so they can do –but the real newspaper people despise this, and understand it’s a threat to democracy.

Newspaper people need to be constantly challenging the president, the opposition, the government agencies, the corporations, the U.N., challenge, challenge, challenge, so the people who have to go to work everyday and can’t challenge have a shot at the truth. The way the dirty shameful WaPo is being run these days, neither the American people or Jason Reziain will get that shot.

You want to know how bad it is? At this week’s correspondents day dinner –where the president solemnly and hypocritically vowed to save Jason Reziain, he also presented an award, a rather large financial award, to Josh Lederman. Who is Lederman? Why, he’s one of the AP reporters assigned to cover the president. He’s also friendly with, and toward the president personally and in his writing especially. There are so many things wrong with that arrangement — and his writing — I will never read a story under his byline again as long as I live — and believe a word of it.

Of course the Post runs his propaganda dressed as news whenever they can. Maybe he’ll write the story when the Iranians execute Reziain — and then can be sure to get in how hard the president worked, and how hard the WaPo worked to save poor Jason. He can even get all choked up about it in the article and mention how conflicted he was to receive that payoff, I mean award from the president and the liberal loony left media machine — the very night he Josh, got to hear first hand the anguish in the president’s voice over poor Jason’s plight.

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