Putin Is Eyeballing the Baltics, Hitler style

From the Times of London, about a meeting between Russian and NATO generals, just last month!

“Most notably, the paper reported that Russian representatives threatened a “spectrum of responses from nuclear to non-military” to NATO troop movements in the Baltics.

Western security officials say that the possible actions Moscow could be planning include cyberattacks or civil disturbances involving ethnic Russians in all three countries. Similar demonstrations were reported ahead of the Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine last year.

The Times reported that Russia warned that “the same conditions that existed in Ukraine and caused Russia to take action there” exist in the Baltic republics.

However, the Times reported that the note suggested that Russia would not “[inject] troops and heavy weapons” into the region,” but would favor “other tools.”

The note adds that Russia would “hope slowly to entice those Russian populations towards Russia without giving Nato (sic) a pretext to deploy troops.”

That is a very chilling report. Very chilling. Read the sentence about how the Russian generals explained to the NATO generals “The same conditions that existed in Ukraine and caused Russia to take action there” exist in the Baltic republics.”

Wake up America!

These Baltic States are NATO countries, Article 5 applies, when Putin attacks these countries to get his prize, the top jewel in his crown of conquered glory, the city and port of Riga — with all three Baltic States nestled around it — we will be at war with Russia. How can I be sure? Read the last line.

“If NATO does respond to Russian activity in the region, the document says, Moscow would consider it to be “a potential co-aggressor against Russian-speaking minorities in Baltic states.”

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