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Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake does not need Sharpton’s “Help”

How do you know you’re really in trouble? How do you know when your position stinks to high heaven and only the big lie can help? You know the turds are turning in the fan when the Rev. Al Sharpton … Continue reading

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Javad Zarif, a modern day Goebbels

Wake up America! Wake up Jewish community! The first excerpt below is from AP and it is a word for word account of what is going on, namely that the president has agreed to a Congressional approval format of his … Continue reading

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The Iranians are criminals and if we deal with them, we are criminals

WaPo the movie, or, Night of the Editorially Dead If this story was a movie it would win a thumbs down for an unrealistic plot line that made no sense because real powerful people in the world don’t behave this … Continue reading

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Who is Baltimore City Council person Carl Stokes?

Just who is City Council person Carl Stokes, the big mouth who exploded on a CNN reporter for using the word “Thug” to describe the looters AFTER the Mayor and other council members used it to describe those same looters. … Continue reading

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Obama imitates Carter

Jimmy Carter was finished the day he blamed the country’s problems on the American people in his famous “Malaise” speech. I never thought I would see a major politician make that mistake again in my lifetime. From the Washington Post … Continue reading

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From one of the Best Journalist’s in the State of Maryland

Is it me? Does he/she work for The Washington Post or Baltimore Sun? Forget about it. I can prove who the best journalist is in the State of Maryland by letting you read just one article he wrote on the … Continue reading

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America’s real heroes in Baltimore

“Jack” Young should look carefully at the wonderful black men standing in line between the police and protesters in Baltimore. They aren’t gang members, thugs, killers or looters. They’re American heroes and if the young thugs in the street would … Continue reading

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What a Young disgrace

What a Young disgrace This guy Jack Young and the bullshit he has spewed for years is exactly why Baltimore is burning and you will never believe who he invited to the City Council and actually credited with helping to … Continue reading

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In case you are wondering why?

Why did the Iranians seize a ship today in international waters? Here’s the reason, from an excellent NYT piece on the incident. “To maintain political support for a deal, President Obama has to remain vigilant about Iranian behavior in the … Continue reading

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Great news, which speaks for itself

Los Angeles Times | April 28, 2015 | 12:14 PM The Los Angeles Police Commission voted today to approve a policy for equipping officers with body cameras. The 3-1 vote moves the LAPD a step closer to becoming the nation’s … Continue reading

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