Obama Gets Demoted

Blog readers (the faithful 5) note an absence of material on Iran here at the deal deadline and I confess a lack of hysteria on my part for the list of reasons below and you can decide on your own if they give you comfort.

Politics is about power. The control or use of violent passion formed to faction within the national and/or international consciousness — which are definitely two distinct things.

According to a new ABC Washington Post poll, 2/3rd’s of the American people support giving Congress the final say on the nuclear deal with Iran.

That number is a big deal. I believe Kerry to be delusional and Obama may be buying his junk — we just don’t know yet — but Congress isn’t. Congress has their collective vision on Iran, and those eyes are wide open for a change. The key here is not the moderate Republicans or even conservative Republicans lined up against the president and Kerry here, the key is who else is on the list; influential and pivotal Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Heidi Heitkamp.

Of course the disgraceful, liberal leftist loony WaPo staff attempted to spin this story across the front page like a Frisbee — with a headline trumpeting the American public’s support for some deal with Iran in general, rather than the real lede, the story about the public’s overwhelming support for snatching final authority from the president and Kerry on this — and making sure of Congressional approval.

What did they expect people asked in this poll to say to their lead question: “No, we’re not for diplomacy and deals, lets just go directly to war?” I guess, as usual, the liars at the WaPo were hoping their readership would be too entranced with the deceptive headline to dig into the meat of the story, what I call facts, which the WaPo in modern times, very conveniently always puts at the end of their articles.

And the meat which the WaPo article literally buried at the end is this; the American public supports the president’s handling of Iran and the Iranian negotiations by only 38%, or a full 10% less than his overall anemic approval rating, which at best lately, has been in the high forties and is constantly in the shadow of his disapproval ratings, parrticularly since the mid-term elections.

Those are Carter era like numbers and considering how delusion-ally supportive some liberal parts of Obama’s base always feels about him — and the fact the liberal media haven’t caught on yet to what a bad deal he’s negotiated with Iran — and pounced — this number is very low, dangerously low for Obama or any sitting president.

It means important Democrats in his own party are are unhappy and it means his presidency is slipping into irrelevance in the one place it really matters, the opinion of the American people.

I believe Obama and Kerry and their suicidal insistence on giving Nukes to the Nuts in Iran have already split half or more of the loyal Democratic Jewish base out of the party.

Once Iran breaks bad, which shouldn’t take more than 60 more days, that number will go way up and the money, influence and media power of the Democratic party will then slowly diminish for years to come. Senator Chuck Schumer may be a manipulative, lying, rubbery politician but he has a canny eye on the pulse of polls and he’s conspicuously absent from the president’s side on this, in fact, one could say, for his own survival, Schumer (Reid’s choice as his replacement) slipped into the other encampment.

I honestly don’t think the president understands the gravity of that seemingly small thing — or why it happened. If the president had simply not told 3 or 4 big whoppers during this Presidency, it would have been judged one of the greats in history.

“I will close Gitmo, but safely, without endangering the American people.”

He did neither; Obama released terrorists and didn’t close the prison. He even traded terrorists for traitors, something the common people (me either) don’t understand.

“You will be able to keep your doctor and medical plan.”

This lie was particularly damaging to the president because people now know he deliberately told this lie, knowing it was untrue at the time. It was a necessary manipulation because he didn’t plan for people to be able to do these important things. Very deceptive, very damaging.

“I will run the most transparent and bi-partisan administration in history. 

Again, the American people now know that not only did this turn out to be untrue, the president never meant any of it in the first place. His revulsion for the Republicans and anyone who disagrees with — or challenges him — has clearly bubbled to the surface and even the public is now wary of it. Look at that poll number above.

The American people loathe and mistrust Congress inherently and yet by a 2/3rd’s majority across all party and demographic lines — they trust only Congress to approve this deal.

That means, all other factors aside, Obama is done.

In other words, I’m no longer worried about the Iranian nuclear deal because I no longer think the president has the power to make this deal. He’s been demoted by his boss, the American people.

That’s a tremendous shame, even at this late date, he could have been transformational, but not by backing Ayatollah’s and dissing Israel, that’s truly a recipe for disaster



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