No Nukes for Nuts

The Iranian nuclear arms deal is a bad deal.

It will result in Iran getting a nuclear bomb and President Obama needs to kill this entire idea and then do everything in his power with financial sanctions, air power (Syrian no-fly zone) and troops on the ground (increase in Afghanistan, arm the Kurds, re-stabilize Iraq), to throw Iran off their game. It’s that or concede to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East with Iran building nuclear tipped missiles (with Russian help) and Saudi Arabia buying nukes from Pakistan. Next stop on that train, nuclear war.

Mind you, I don’t want President Obama to actually say, No nukes for nuts.

I want him to say it was painful but he had to make this decision.

The president needs to explain in his announcement that he tried everything, that he bent over backward, that he took the Iranian national position into account as much as possible, and that he even picked negotiators he thought understood their perspective.

Beyond that he extended the deadlines as far as possible, and still Iran is attacking other countries; has arrested and is preparing to execute an American journalist (Jason Rezaian), is sponsoring terrorism and terrorist incidents the world over from the bombing of a Jewish community center in Argentina, to the overthrow of governments and the instigation of civil war in Venezuela, Syria, Libya, and Yemen.

Finally, they steadfastly refused agreement with a transparent, fair inspection and de-armament program that would assure the world and Israel that they are not in fact building a bomb to be fitted to a missile.

Why do I say the president must do this now?

It’s a small thing but it makes the ground shake when you read it.

The WH leaked a report to the Wall Street Journal this week that Israeli Mossad agents had spied on the American talks and fed critical intel from them back to U.S. lawmakers as part of the Israeli lobbying effort against the agreement. This misinformation piece was odd however because most people in the loop have been curious about something for months now, first that AIPAC, the all powerful Jewish American lobbying organization and Mossad — have both been quiet on this deal. Like little desert mice quiet.

The story was obviously a lie, and a poor one but — what I found truly enlightening was what happened next. Typically the Liberal echo chamber is very predictable. They’ve repeated every single talking point the WH has put out for 6 years dutifully, even during the run-up to the mid-term, when centrist Democrats had other things to do while Obama visited their states, the liberal wing of the party kept churning out his message, day and night. But not now – because the President has split the Jewish vote.

He’s literally split them in two, even announcing it through his Chief of staff Denis McDonough, who openly taunted the Jewish right in his remarks to the Jewish left (at the J Street Jewish lobby event) the other day.

What a disaster for the Democrats if the President doesn’t fix this.

How do I know, you ask? Read the sentence below. From the Washington Post news story concerning the charge Israel had spied on the negotiations and then discussed it with American lawmakers to influence their position on the deal, carefully note who these people are.

“Key Democrats including Sens. Robert Menendez and Dianne Feinstein, the leading members of the Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees, respectively, also denied the substance of the new spying report.”

Walk away from the Iranians Mr. President, not the American Jews, the Israeli Jews, the American people, every important Arab ally leader, 75% of Congress, and every sane person in the world. Do you want your legacy to be that you fought the combined doubts of that constituency — for an Ayatollah mullah — who then betrayed you and built a bomb anyway?

Clinton got away with blaming Wendy Sherman Mr. President for the North Korean bomb mistake – and even though she’s also your lead negotiator on this — she won’t get the blame for it this time, you will.

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    I wrote this a year ago and even though iy’d too late to change his mind, if you read this piece carefully you can see how the President’s decision is now impacting the upcoming election which I predict Hillary will lose because the Jewish vote WILL split.

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