China building second aircraft carrier

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China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier (AFP photo)

China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier (AFP photo)

China is building a second aircraft carrier in a move to boost Beijing’s maritime power, a media report says.

Beijing has “accumulated a lot of experience” from the first vessel and has now taken the “next step”, Chinese media quoted senior colonel and professor at the National Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Liang Fang, as saying.

A second carrier would mark a significant upgrade to China’s current Liaoning carrier, a refurbished Soviet-era ship that Beijing acquired from Ukraine.

“The reason we imported the first aircraft carrier is so that we could be capable of building our own in the future,” the official said, adding, “And now, just like what some media have revealed, that is what we have done — built the second aircraft carrier.”

Her statements follow recent reports from senior PLA officers on the building of the vessel.

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