A good deal with someone in bad faith is worse than no deal at all


by Karl Spain

And so the stage is set.

On one side stand President Obama and his cast of liberal supporters; only the diehard left is with him on this one…for a nuclear deal with Iran that will probably allow them to build a bomb within 5 years…


Bibi Netanyahu, the speech maker & John Boehner, the invitee, the Republicans, half the Jews in America, 65% of the Jews in Israeli, and the leaders of every Arab ally we have.

In a nutshell, one of these contenders is lying.

Obama believes he has a deal that stops enrichment beyond 20%, limits the number of centrifuges and allows verification or he doesn’t; but only he knows since he’s doing the negotiating. Correction: Wendy Sherman is doing the negotiating and she’s the same negotiator that let the North Koreans literally build a bomb right under her nose during the Clinton administration.

That’s an important correction; the President might very well believe he has something he doesn’t. Either way, the President has two principles in his mind he’s attempting to preserve, and the first is tied to the second.

The President believes the Iranians could act reasonably and do a deal clearly in their overall interest (no more sanctions which are threatening the regime internally although we don’t see reporting of this) if the irrational hatred of Israel and their policies was removed from the formula and the President believes Netanyahu himself is the living embodiment of an unreasonableness that actually causes this hatred.

Netanyahu believes the President is naïve, that the Iranians are playing him and that they are secretly working hard at bomb fabrication, even of a warhead for a missile with a fissile plug shaped from uranium, in other words, a nuclear warhead for a missile, not just a bomb. Netanyahu’s thinking and the President’s on this issue couldn’t be more polar opposite and as a mathematician I can tell you — no one can be sure right now, which of the two of them is correct.

The reason for this is free will. It’s a powerful force and given the right circumstances can bring about transformative change. Is this one of those times?

That will boil down to one man actually, the Supreme leader of Iran, the Ayatollah Khamenei. If Obama is right, he can be trusted to abide by this agreement and won’t use the wealth from the lifting of sanctions to push bomb development even harder. If he’s wrong, the Iranians will finally reach the fabrication stage of their program and build, then test, then miniaturize a bomb. 

I really hope Obama is correct, but I just don’t think so. Khamenei is the problem. Under normal circumstances Obama’s approach gets the nod every time but lets face the reality of who this guy really is, what he believes and what that means for Israel.

Any deal without a complete reversal of the nuclear enrichment program and good verification protocols is not a good deal and I don’t see Khamenei doing this under any circumstances, he’s a believer all the way and that must be factored in to the administrations calculus more than it has.

The reasonable thing to do for Iran from Khamenei’s point of view is not the same as any countries in the west, and that’s a fact. He’s an Ayatollah, the President’s an Ivy leaguer, the president sees the exponential good from a partnership and reduction of hostilities and the Ayatollah is a net sum thinker that believes our wealth is stolen from them — and killing us is justice for that and justice to God, for our insulting, infidel ways. A good deal with someone in bad faith is worse than no deal at all.




About karlspain

20 year Newspaperman. Lifelong Inventor. Wrote 2 books so far, working on more. The Revelation, 1st book, about your brain & the universe, and math. Hooked together! God I trust, America I love, 2nd book, is the biography of Aris Mardirossian, a great man. Also owned a software company, an IT integration company, a gas station and a fuzzy logic software title along the way.
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3 Responses to A good deal with someone in bad faith is worse than no deal at all

  1. socialinform says:

    please take a close look to the graphic here:
    no deal is worse for the west (no control at all, Iran can ditch the NPT at all and use its full power to go nuclear), and for the Iranian public (the only ones in Iran who are suffering):

    (the 100wordz links just cite popular western or Israeli news sites – sources included)

    BTW Iranians will not standup against the regime, because of hurting sanctions.
    They are too busy having 3 jobs to support their family because of the sanctions.

    Even if US and Israeli politicians would like to see it this way:

    During the sanctions Iran has gone from a approx. 3k centrifuges to 19k centrifuges. In the case of the deal they are willing to go back to 6k centrifuges and export all enriched uranium, under IAEA supervision.
    This is the best anyone can get.

    Netanyahu meanwhile is someone who is a known lyer:
    Netanyahu is telling the lie about nuclear weapons in Iran since 1992. He said in 92 that Iran is 3-5 years away from having the bomb:

    2012 He made a big show in front of the UN that Iran will soon have nuclear weapons, already knowing the Mossad reports that were saying that Iran is not even trying to build nuclear weapons:

    Also at home he is lying:

    Here a report on YNet (right wing Israeli news) about Nuclear Iran:

    US intelligence agencies see it the same way:

    Iran has not attacked other countries for hundreds of years, so why would Iran attack a nuclear armed Israel?
    Because Iran’s leaders are crazy or not rational? Well, I doubt that, and so does Israeli General Benny Gantz:

    Iranians have nothing against the people of Israel or Jews at all. Please take a careful look at these posts:

    Anti jewish attitude is something what has always been strong in Europe or in Arab countries, but not in Iran.

    • karlspain says:

      I’m approving this comment so my readers can visit these sites for themselves, but I would like to address my readers comments in order as well.

      The first issue seems to be the moral argument against sanctions, that they hurt the common man and woman. This is broken logic

      Sanctions are designed to prevent war because war is so devastating on the common people. Some people react badly to vaccines, they still save millions, sanctions are a humane alternative to war IF they work, I don’t think they do, but you can’t fault the morality of the sanction makers, only their naiveté.

      Your next point is that Iran has gone from 3k in centrifuges to 19K. That point which you admit invalidates every other point you make on this page — don’t you see that? Iran does not have the unilateral right to build a nuclear weapon (and that is all the centrifuges are good for, period) while denying the rest of the world their unilateral right to put sanctions on Iran for doing such an irresponsible thing.

      Netanyahu is not a liar for misstating how long the Iranians needed to build a bomb, he, the US, Mossad, Stuxnet and other active interruption programs have slowed down, destroyed and upset parts of that Iranian program, stretching out their build date.

      Next you get into total fantasy, Iran has not attacked another country in generations? Iran blew up a mock US aircraft carrier yesterday, lost a million souls in a futile war with Iraq in the 80 and 90s and is creating havoc the world over. Stop drinking the Kool-aid and open your eyes, this mullah will get Iran destroyed just like Hitler got Germany destroyed and Putin is working on getting Russia destroyed.

      There are many Iranians who don’t harbor hatred for Jews, this I acknowledge, the Iranian leadership does not feel this way and it’s a pity you can’t be honest about that. I don’t think the Ayatollah is irrational, I did not say that, I said he is a net-sum thinker and he is. I could debate him or any Iranian government official, in front of a university audience in Tehran, and destroy the logic in their policy positions, using their own Koran, within an hour or two.

      • socialinform says:

        Thanks for approving my comment. It cannot be wrong for your readers to test their opinions against a different opinion, and just check the links.

        The war with Iraq was started by Iraq under Saddam Hussein. So Iraq attacked Iran, not the other way round. It is similar to Japan attacked the US (Pearl Harbor) not the other way.
        Netanyahu was exaggerating since 1992, no foreign measure was strong enough to slow down the nuclear program for 23 years. Iran just did not want to pursue nuclear weapons, as the even US intelligence agencies pointed out in 2006 and again in 2012.
        One of my links from the “Times of Israel” showed he is even telling absurd lies in internal matters about using state funds for his private causes.
        The thing with the mock carrier, was just a military test, like what every country does. See it like this at least Iran does it on its own coast, not on the US coast. Most countries do this kind of things in their own waters. The US does this kind of tests/trainings thousands of kilometers away from its own coast in the Persian Gulf or on the coast of Korea, now this is what I call aggressive.
        Iranian government officials do not argument using the Koran, as you saw in one of my links from “The Atlantic” most of the current administration has done their Phds in US universities. The foreign ministers kids grew up in the US. These people do not hate the US or Israel, definitely not as much to go to war with them.

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